The 5 Styles of Wedding Invitations at Ivy Ellen

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The world of wedding invitations can be a scary place, and there are so many different styles of wedding invitations nowadays. How do you choose? How do you know which style is best for you? Well fear not, we are here today to explain the 5 different types of wedding invitations that we produce here at Ivy Ellen for all you lovely brides and grooms.

The first style we have is postcard wedding invitations. These are a really simple yet modern style of wedding invitation that are fast becoming the most popular style to go for, they are also one of the most budget friendly! Our postcards come in two different designs, a single flat card and mounted postcards. The single card starts from £1.20 and the mounted from £2.50.

Next up is our shutterfold wedding invitations, another super popular style. All of our shutterfold wedding invitations are made from 350gsm heavyweight finest quality boards. You can also add a pocket on the inside panel, which is great for adding extra information inserts and and RSVP card. This is then all tied up with the finest satin ribbon (yes we do have a ribbon tying video on Youtube!). These styles of wedding invitations start from roughly £2.95.

Here we have our wonderful Gatefold design, also know as a pocketfold invitation. These are a larger version of the shutterfold with a pocket and one information insert already incuded! You can add up to four information inserts that stagger in size, this is great for weddings abroad or those with alot of information needed! These are all printed on our finest quality boards, topped with a satin ribbon and even genuine swarovski jewels, depending on the chosen design. Gatefold wedding invitations start from around £5.25



Nextw e have the traditional and simple folded card style, much like a birthday card. These are a little bit more traditional than the postcard style, you can also add a pocket behind the insert for extra information. The majority of our folded wedding invitations have foiled text on the front and printed pearlescent insert. Starting from just £2.00.

Taj wedding invitation - 18 HRes

Last but certainly not least we have the belly band wedding invitations. We only introudcded these in 2014 with a full new rnage of fun and vibrant designs. As you can see from our wonderful………… wedding invitation below, these are a flat postcard with a band, ribbon and tag attached. The belly band styles of wedding invitations are great for adding extra iunserts while still keeping a very modern and sleek looking design. These start from £1.95 and are DIY assembly!

I hope that this will help to clear up any questions you had about the different styles for wedding invitations available!

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