5 Tips To Increase Your Wedding RSVP Response Rate!

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the majority of your wedding planning you will likely have heard how frustrating it is to get people to RSVP! Many guests may simply open the invitation, stick it on their fridge and then they forget about it until you chase them up. Of course chasing up X amount of wedding guests takes time and is not ideal so close to the big day. So, we have come up with 5 ways to increase your wedding RSVP response rate…

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1. Give them options – provide your guests with several options on how to RSVP to you. Include a pre-addresses RSVP card, an email address and your telephone number. By giving them options they should have no excuses such as postage costs, RSVP’s getting ‘lost’ in the post or anything else!

2. Don’t give them a long RSVP reply date, this will encourage people to forget about it! Give a fairly short RSVP date such as a month and make a point of the RSVP date such as using bolder fonts or underlining. This should push people to reply quickly!

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3. Using the right wording is really important too – for example simply putting ‘RSVP 14/05/16’ is short and sweet but also quite forgetable. Make a real point of your wedding RSVP deadline by saying something like “The favour of your reply is requested by the 14th May 2016, please use the RSVP card enclosed or the given email address”.


4. Keep in touch with your guests – if possible stay on your guests radar during the RSVP period. Simply liking their photo on Facebook or meeting up for coffee even will prompt and remind them to RSVP!

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5. Depending on the formality of your wedding and how close you are to your guests you could even make a joke on the RSVP card about replying! For example “Please reply by…..or you won’t get any wedding cake!”


We hope these top 5 tips on wedding RSVP repsonse rates will help you keep your sanity during the plannning process!

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