5 Top Tips for Wedding Planning

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We all know how much thought and effort goes into organising a wedding and our aim is to make it that little bit easier with our 5 top tips for wedding planning!

Get organised…The initial stages are incredibly exciting but some brides find the whole idea quite a daunting prospect, so first things first, the best way to plan a wedding is to start with a plan! Mood Boards are a great place to begin, and can help couples decide exactly how they want their day to look. Once a colour or a theme has been chosen, stick with it, refer back to the mood board if necessary but stay focused. There are so many beautiful wedding ideas out there it is easy to get distracted but it can mean your original ideas become diluted.

Delegate…The great thing about a wedding being a family affair is lots of people will want to be involved! It can be a really positive experience with the right outlook from the start. Choose those who you know want to be involved, and will deal with the task at hand with minimal fuss. Remember it is an honour for those closest to you to feel a part of your special day. Inevitably some family members might be less keen to be involved in the planning but you can still find a role for them during the day itself.

Be Clear…This is an often overlooked but essential element of successful wedding planning. It’s worth running things by someone else you can trust when it comes to communicating with your guests. It’s rare but sometimes couples send out invites without an RSVP! This obviously leads to a lot of hard work on behalf of the couple who then have to chase their guests individually. Some couples choose to send RSVP postcards with their invitations which saves everyone a lot of hassle in the long run. Check out our RSVP’s which compliment our Wedding invitations.

Gift Guidelines…However you choose to accept gifts whether boxed, from a list, or as many couples choose to, ask for donations towards a honeymoon it is important to remember who has given what. Most guests will give money in a card if that is what you have requested so when the big day is over and you’re opening your gifts make sure to start a list and note down what you have been given. That way you can be sure to thank your guests individually which leads me on to…

Give Thanks…After the big day or for some couples after their honeymoon it’s easy to get carried along with your married life forgetting those who were part of your big day. Yes it is one more job, but your guests will really appreciate the thought and like they say…what goes around comes around so let your guests know how grateful you are for their gift or their help with a Thank you card.


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