5 Ways to Feature Your Table Plan

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Your table plan is important, we have established this before and I hope you listened! Table plans can be a huge part of your venue decoration and should definitely look as spectacular as you do! You need to remember that every single guest will be eyeing this up so it needs to reflect your big day, there are so many ways to feature your table plan that the list is endless. Table plans tend to co-ordinate with your wedding theme and they can work with any theme you like from vintage to Alice in wonderland! (yes we also suspect an Alice in wonderland wedding would be awesome…)

guests looking at a table plan

Image courtesy of Eddie Judd Photography

1. Traditional Frame – Perhaps the most traditional yet simply beautiful way to feature your table plan is in a stunning frame, here at Ivy Ellen we offer these in 4 colours; Cream, White, Gold and Black. Standing the frame on an easel gives it more emphasis and decorating it is easily done and creates a beautiful showcase for your guests to eye up!



2. Vintage Wheelbarrow – We love this idea – our real life weddings bride Victoria featured her table plan in a vintage floral wheelbarrow with the table pieces attached to long bamboo sticks. It fitted perfectly into her floral country wedding and showcased the table plan perfectly. This idea could work with a variety of themes such as farm/barn weddings, vintage weddings and alternative weddings – all you need to do is adjust the colours!


vintage floral wheelbarrow table plan

Image courtesy of Emotion Studios


3. Line and peg – This idea has become massively popular in recent years with the increase in vintage weddings, it can be applied to almost anything! This simple idea of pegging each table list to a line of string/ribbon looks beautiful and will go with almost any theme. Many ideas include inside suitcases, hung on vintage ladders and inside frames.



4. Birdcage – Perfect for a vintage wedding! In most home stores and online you can buy large flat back birdcages that looks stunning with your table lists attached. Again, these are easily decorated with flowers or any other decoration and really make a statement piece for you wedding decoration.


birdcage table plan

Image courtesy of Ebay


5. Alternative – There are so many ways to feature your table plan, including ways you would never have thought of! For example, written on flower pots, colourful flow charts and even written on a chalkboard. However going back to the Alice in wonderland theme…


alice in wonderland theme table plan

Image courtesy of Brides

I hope I have given you a few ideas for your table plan and some good inspiration!

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