6 Reasons NOT To Go For Paperless Wedding Invitations

E-vites, wedding websites and even facebook groups – however you have thought about sending some paperless wedding invitations here are six reasons why NOT to do it. Now we all know that we of course are biased here, however we believe that these 6 points are 100% valid and brilliant reasons as to why you shouldn’t go paperless for your big day…

1. Are all your family and friends going to be happy accessing your paperless wedding invitations? For example, your grandparents perhaps are not as ‘tech savvy’ as you’d like and you’ll end up having to call them and see whether they have received it, tell them how to respond and see the information.

2.  The dreaded spam filters – so the RSVP deadline is in one week and you’ve barely had any replies. This could be because of spam and junk filters on email inboxes, technology never works the way we want it to!

3. Having a printed wedding invitation sets the tone for your wedding day, a group invite or email can often seem as though it’s not all that important! Some guests may see it as more of a party rather than a wedding and therefore be vague about replying and maybe even turn up in jeans and a t-shirt – eeek!

4. You won’t have a momento to keep – although an e-vite might be very 2016, it’s not really forever. Eventually that email will get lost in the ether or that wedding website link will expire. If you have traditional printed wedding invitations both yourself and your close family and friends can keep the invitation as a momento of your special day. You’ll even be able to show your children together one day!

5. They look good – there is no way around it! Well printed and put together wedding invitations just look so lovely! Recieving post is never that interesting, but imagine your guests’ faces when they open up your stunning wedding invitation, people will be talking about your big day with such excitement. If your guests see a beautiful wedding invitation they will know that the big day to come will be just as brilliant.

6. Having paperless wedding invitations sort of takes the fun out of it! I don’t know about you but I would much rather sit down with my mum and bridesmaids, have a glass of wine and write the invitations together than sit at home and click send on an email.

Of course we do understand that wedding websites can be fantastic for additional information, interactive gift lists and more so why not have your stunning wedding invitations and include a link for anything extra? The best of both worlds we say!

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