7 Top Tips for Doing Your Own Wedding Day Makeup

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Doing your own wedding day makeup can seem duanting – but today we have our Sussex Bride (now Sussex Wife) with us to talk about her experience and give you some top tips. We all know that wedding planning is a very expensive time. Some brides simply don’t have the budget to spend alot of money on a makeup artist. However, with a little bit of advice and some practise you’ll feel confident enough in your own makeup skills to look a million bucks on the big day!

Wedding Day Makeup - bride

Photography courtesy of: Georgi Mabee

So, over to Sussex Bride….

Okay let me just start by saying I am not a professional makeup artist. I have never had any kind of training, however, I have had alot of practise over the years and am some what of a makeup enthusiast. Asking for beauty products for every birthday and Christmas has built me a good collection of products, I also save up and buy good quality makeup products regularly. Spending FAR too many hours watching beauty vloggers means that I and am always learning new skills. My wedding was done on a small budget and therefore one of the things that I couldn’t afford was a proper makeup artist. I therefore decided to do my own wedding makeup and have a few tips and tricks which might help you along the way 🙂

Number One: Take a look on places like Pinterest to discover what kind of look you want to go for. This is a great way to see different colour palettes and different styles of doing eyeshadow etc. However don’t let your expectations get too high. You are doing your own wedding day makeup and most of you will likely not have professional skills like the people who created these Pinterest worthy looks.


Number Two: Do your research. It will be a waste of your money if you buy an eyeshadow palette that has the colours you want but actually has bad reviews. One of the best sources for reviews on makeup products is YouTube. I made sure every product I purchased had a good amount of reviews from top beauty vloggers such as Kim Thai, Jaclyn Hill, Tati and Kathleen Lights.

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Number Three:  Find what works for you. If you already use a feltip style liquid eyeliner then don’t try to use a gel liner for your wedding day makeup. That is unless you have a good amount of time to practise, and don’t mind purchasing a product that might not necessarily work for you.


Number Four:  Make a list of all the items you will need to purchase and total it up. If the cost is very similar to that of having a makeup artist then perhaps you should consider your options for doing your own wedding day makeup. I already owned most of the key pieces I wanted to use. For example a good primer, eyeshadow palette and bronzer. This meant my purchase costs were very low. I did however invest in getting some lashes done professionally. Once you know how to apply false lashes they can be great and really help finish of a look. However, I didn’t want the stress on the day. I therefore paid £15 to have individual lashes done at a salon – they lasted about a week.

Number Five: Buy items that you normally wouldn’t think to use. For example a setting spray, eye primer and face primer. Your wedding day makeup needs to stay put for as long a time as possible while still looking fresh. Using an eye primer and face primer before laying down any foundation or shadows will help these adhere to your skin properly. I then suggest using a good setting spray such as Mac Fix Plus – simply spritz this over your entire face once you are done. This will help all the powders blend in a little better and help lock everything in place. I also purchased a travel size version to freshen up later in the day.


Number Six: Make sure you get different opinions. Once you have finalised a look that you are happy with and practised it a few times then take a few pictures in good lighting and from different angles. Of course if you are happy and confident in how you look then other peoples opinions shouldn’t matter. However they can be helpful. For example I thought my foundation shade was fine but the majority of my friends that I asked believed a slightly different shade would look better. In the end I tried a new one and have now fallen in love with it myself!


Number Seven: Do not, I repeat do NOT have a facial or use a new face mask/cream at least a week before the wedding day. Your skin is delicate and often small things can trigger big outburts. Facials are known for detoxifying the skin and bringing out the impurities – you need to give your skin time to settle back down before the big day.

I hope these top tips will help if you decide to do your own wedding day makeup – it’;s not as scary as some may think. I promise you!

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