How To Tell Someone They’re NOT Invited To Your Wedding

February 2nd, 2017

How to tell someone they’re not invited to your wedding is tricky. Very tricky. It all depends on how well you know them, what your relationship with them is and how they assumed they were invited! The last thing you need while planning a wedding is more stress. So, we’re here to help. We have come up with a little guide on how to tell someone they’re not invited to your wedding.

First things first, do you know who’s not invited to your wedding? When writing your guest list be sure that you have a defined list of who is invited and how many spaces may be ‘free’. This way when someone starts talking about how excited they are you don’t accidently say “Yes I can’t wait to see you there!”. This is especially common with friends of parents or distant relatives! The next obstacle is being delicate about the topic. You do not want anybody to feel like you don’t care about them, so here are a few scenarios…

CHARTULA BUTTERFLY KISS - not Invited To Your Wedding

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Our Top 4 Honeymoon Destinations 2017

January 3rd, 2017

Wedding planning can be very stressful -we all know that. Therefore your honeymoon destinations 2017 is a must-do on your list – a little TLC will be needed after the big day! In this blog we have narrowed our choices for top honeymoon destinations 2017 to just 4. They are all unique, wonderful and of course – simply beautiful.

seychelles honeymoon destinations 2017


We have to admit we became obsessed with this place when Kat from Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride ventured there earlier this year! If you’re looking for a laid-back, picturesque vacation then this should be top of your honeymoon destinations 2017 list! Seychelles is pretty much what we imagine paradise might look like – the beach is sublimely soft, the waters are crystal clear, and all the resorts on the islands are to die for. Your first job is to decide which of their stunning private islands to stay on – most of which are lush in wilderness, sandy beaches and romace in abundance. All luxury hotels on the Seychelles will offer you and your spouse the chance to dine alone in a romantic spot around their property!

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What It’s Like To Be Considered A Plus Size Bride

December 14th, 2016

Hi everyone – it’s Sussex Bride here! Today is a very personal post that I felt although very sensitive, needed sharing. I’d like to talk with you about what it’s like to be considered as a plus size bride. Many of you might find this subject a little sensitive or awkward but I really want to draw attention to those three little words – plus size bride.


As you know I got married a little over a month ago now on the 5th November, it was an amazing day and I couldn’t have wished for a better husband to share it with. We took about a year to plan the wedding and in that time I felt an unbearable pressure to lose weight for the big day. In every wedding magazine going there were lists of what to do for the wedding – and nearly all of them included starting a fitness regime. Why? Why should marrying the person you love come hand in hand with dieting? Surely they love you as you are?

smiling-bride-and-groom Plus Size Bride

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Wedding Day Decorations with Giant Letter Company

December 7th, 2016

There is a huge variety of wedding day decorations available to all you lovely brides and grooms – however these really set the bar! Today we have the wonderful Ashleigh & Ryan from Giant Letter Company to talk all about their giant light up letters and why you should have them for your big day (spoiler: because the look amazing that’s why!)

LOVE 2 Wedding Day Decorations

First let’s have a little background information about Giant Letter Company….

The Giant Letter Company started in July 2015, as part of a University project which was then brought to life. Ryan had always wanted to run his own business and so used this as a great opportunity to begin. Soon after, Ashleigh was introduced into the mix to help with behind the scenes work, whilst Ryan moved over to designing the products. The props are hand-made and can be customised to suit your individual style; they can also create original products from scratch! They are based in Brighton, East Sussex (one of the best towns ever we may add) but can deliver nationwide.

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Sussex Bride: Wedding Day Reflections

November 14th, 2016

Today I am saying hello to you as a married woman! After a wonderful seven years together Liam and I tied the knot on Saturday 5th November and we could not be happier. I’d like to share with you some wedding day reflections that I have thought about – it has been so much fun to share this wedding journey with you and I don’t want it to stop! We are currently waiting to recieve all the pictures back from our wonderful photographer but I do have one or two to share with you today!


Okay so there a quite a few wedding day reflections I have so I decided to bullet point them for you…

wedding day reflections bride and groom

Photography by D.B Sussex Photography

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The Unexpected Wedding Budget Items

October 20th, 2016

When thinking about your wedding budget most people will focus on a  few main things; the dress, the photographer, the venue, the food and the entertainment. These are of course very important, however we have found that it tends to be the little unexpected wedding budget items that add up the grand total! So today we have our wonderful Sussex Bride here with us to tell us all about her unexpected wedding budget items and how she managed to keep on track leading up to the big day (which is only 16 days away by the way!!)

BRIDE AND GROOM Unexpected Wedding Budget

Hi everyone – so as you know I am tying the knot in just 16 days! My future husband and I set the initial budget back in December 2015 and we are actually very proud of how we have managed it all. However, there have been quite a few unexpected wedding budget changes that needed to be factored in. So I’m going to run through each change we have had to make so far and maybe it will help you when making your budget! Read the rest of this entry »

Sussex Bride: A Guide To Budget Wedding Planning

September 15th, 2016

Hello everyone! I may be in the final throws of planning the big day but I’m still here don’t worry! Today I thought it might helpful for some brides and grooms to hear about budget wedding planning. Not everyone has endless amounts of money for that big Pinterest style wedding however that doesn’t mean you can’t have the best day ever. Not forgetting that whatever your budget you will still be marrying the love of your life – and lets be honest, that’s pretty special.


I’d like to share some top tips and advice that I’ve found helpful along the budget wedding planning route and hopefully it will help you a little too!

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What Happens During the Wedding Ceremony?

September 8th, 2016

Planning a wedding is a whole new experience for many brides and grooms and can be a little confusing. For example, what happens during the wedding ceremony? What do I need to do for the ceremony? These questions and more have all been answered for you right here…

Liz and Tom-wedding ceremony

When you go to your local council to give notice of marriage they will hand you a booklet which outlines your ceremony and gives you several options. You should take a good look through this and then when you’re ready, go online and fill out the wedding ceremony checklist form. This will consist of the following:

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Wedding Dress Disasters with Brides Beware

August 4th, 2016

I’m sure along your wedding planning journey you’ll have seen one or two wedding dress disasters. Well today we have Rebekah from Brides Beware with us. I saw Brides Beware at the National Wedding Show in February when they handed me a leaflet warning brides about counterfeit wedding dresses.

rosina EBAY - Wedding Dress Disasters

How did Brides Beware get started?

The campaign is a BBSA (British Bridal Suppliers Association) initiative set up by Eternity Bridal Ltd to help smaller bridal businesses. Eternity Bridal successfully sued Ebay for using images illegally and decided to help advise the rest of the bridal industry. We were listening to bridal retailers, designers and manufacturers complain about the ongoing problem and the apparent ignorance of brides that think they can purchase a £1000 wedding gown online for £150. We thought we should start trying to inform these brides about the dangers of buying online and a reaching them through Facebook seemed the best way to do this. It is proving a huge success with almost 13,000 followers and daily posts and questions from brides to be. Read the rest of this entry »

How To Plan Your Wedding At Work

July 28th, 2016

This may sound super cheeky, and, well it is. However, there is a right and a wrong way to do this whole ‘plan your wedding’ thing while at work. I mean think about it, most people on average spend 8 hours a day sitting in one office while at work, time that you desperately would prefer to be wedding planning! We of course would never advocate skipping work or getting behind but there are a few tips and tricks we feel might help!

formal - plan your wedding

So when the times come to plan your wedding, even if you have a wedding planner there will be ALOT to do.

Our first tip is to create a folder in your browser bar called ‘The Wedding’. Use this folder to drag across and save any links you find throughout the day. Perhaps you’ve found something on your lunch break or a friend has emailed you across a good bridesmaid dress. Simply pop all the links into this one folder. That way they are secure and safe for that time when you do have a proper moment to look at them.

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