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Today we have the lovely Claire from The Hen Planner here with us to discuss some super fun and stylish hen party accessories. Our team member Stephanie met Claire whilst blogging at The National Wedding Show back in February and really related to this chic and modern hen party look. Of course Stephanie wanted to share all these goodies that she found with you wonderful brides and bridesmaids so she asked Claire a little more about The Hen Planner…

Team Bride Range Shot- Hen Party Accessories

What is The Hen Planner and what do you provide for brides?

The Hen Planner is an online store focused on selling fun, stylish and modern hen party accessories and decorations. Everything that isn’t your ‘traditional’ hen party items such as tutu skirts or rudely shaped straws etc. We cover a range of themes from classic to boho and fiesta. We also have a range of hen party decorations and party ware that will add more colour and fabulousness to your hen do, bridal shower or bachelorette party.

pink coasters Hen Party Accessories

What trends for hen party accessories have you seen approaching for 2017?

Brides are really looking to break away from the traditional hen party themes and create a more fun and chic look. They want to try new things and think more outside of the box. The bridal party are trying to really personalise the hen parties now and create something which is really unique and fun. For example there are these videos circulating at the moment where all the bridesmaids are signing a song and recording a message for the bride, it’s just fabulous.

The more stylish and classy look is definitely becoming the norm now, more and more hen parties are changing into a fun and fashionable event.

Rose-gold-love-balloon- Hen Party Accessories

What has been your most popular product for hen parties?

The hen party accessories such as temporary tattoos and photo props have become really popular. Items that the bride and bridal party can wear are really stylish and a must have item now, and also the big word balloons. For example ‘Love’ or ‘bride’ – they look great and are a really fun addition to the decoration. We also make these really sweet little scrapbooks for the bridal party to write in a message or add photos for the bride, it’s Miss to Mrs so it’s really fun too.

Temporary Tattoos Hen Party Accessories

What is your personal favourite idea for a hen party?

I am a true girly girl so I love the idea of starting off with some pampering such as getting your hair and makeup done. I would then go somewhere nice for food and follow on with a few drinks on a night out. I’d like to go somewhere really fun and unique like the London Cocktail Club or Archer Street.

Photo Booth Props Hen Party Accessories

What would be your top tip for a bride/bridesmaid when organising a hen party?

Try not to worry about pleasing everyone, often bridesmaids will open up the group chat and ask everyone what they want to do and it can become quite difficult. I would say pick a friend to talk to and gain ideas but don’t open up the forum for tons of ideas from everyone involved. Also don’t leave it till the end when the bride has a lot to do for the wedding, give yourself plenty of time to organise and choose a good date.logo


I hope you enjoyed learning more about these modern and chic hen party accessories. You’ll find all the links to The Hen Planner below.

Thank you so much Claire for chatting with us and providing lots of great ideas for our wonderful brides and bridesmaids!

Website: The Hen Planner

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