Should Your Groom See Your Wedding Dress?

Tradition says that it’s bad luck but should your groom see your wedding dress before the wedding ceremony? Seeing each other before the ceremony or even having a hand in choosing the dress is becoming a new favourite. The ‘first look’ photos that we keep seeing everywhere are to die for, and are such a sweet moment. Here are a few reasons for and against letting your groom see your wedding dress!

S&M - groom see your wedding dress


Many brides and grooms experience a lot of anxiety and nerves before the ceremony. By enjoying a ‘first look’ moment together you can calm and reassure each other.

One of the most wonderful photographs to see is the grooms reaction when he first sees his bride. Many grooms may try to stop themselves from getting emotional when in front of a crowd so a first look is super sweet!

If you were superstitious then shouldn’t you also be wearing a face covering veil, having your maids in white and about a hundred other things?

If you had a say in what suit he chose, perhaps he would like a say in what dress you choose also?

first look - groom see your wedding dress


It is traditionally considered as bad luck for him to see your wedding dress before the ceremony. Even if it isn’t true are you brave enough to risk it?

Making your entrance as a bride is an amazing moment and you want it to be a surprise for not only your guests but your husband to be. Plus everyone loves seeing the look on his face!

You know that no matter what dress you choose he is going to love it, because he loves you!

Some traditions are nice to keep, even if they do feel silly!

J&S - groom see your wedding dress

How do you feel about your groom seeing your wedding dress before the ceremony? Did you have a first look?

Let us know in the comments below! 🙂

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