How To Create Stunning Seasonal Wedding Themes

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For 2017 wedding stationery trends we are loving seasonal wedding themes. Matching your wedding stationery to your wedding day’s associated season is a really great way to incorporate a variety of colours. Every season has a very individual look, all of which make beautiful wedding colour themes. All you need to do is take inspiration from the colours in nature, seasonal flowers and even the weather! Here in the UK it may seem like it’s winter for a good 6 months of the year and then autumn for the rest but we do have four seasons. Yes, some countries actually get a full three months of summer sunshine!

Seasonal Wedding Themes

Choosing a theme or colour for your big day can be quite tricky. The rise and popularity of places like Instagram and Pinterest mean that there is SO much inspiration out there – where do you even start? Of course in this blog we’re going to show you how picking seasonal wedding themes could be a great option for you…


Spring Weddings – March, April & May

In the springtime we see new buds blooming, new life being born and a subtle hint of sunshine just peeking through the clouds. There may still be a slight chill in the air but the emergence of delicate flowers such as daffodils and tulips makes it all worth while. The Spring months are mostly still classified as out of peak wedding season for venues and photographers etc. (May can sometimes be included in peak time). This of course means that most suppliers will have more flexibility with dates and may even charge you slightly less, if you’re lucky. As less people book their weddings in Spring you will also more likely have the majority of your guests attend. Planning a wedding in July sounds great until you realise half your guests already have a million other weddings to attend that month, not to mention holidays and other commitments. Symbols of Spring include; New born lambs, bunny rabbits, chicks and of course Easter. When looking at spring for seasonal wedding themes and colours we naturally lean towards soft pastel tones; baby pink, mint green, buttercup yellow etc. This colour palette is beautiful for not just your spring wedding invitations but also pretty pastel bridesmaid dresses, your wedding cake and of course the bouquet.

Bride Janet got married last spring “We got married on Easter Saturday, so our theme was really easy and kind of already picked for us. We went with Easter bunnies and chocolate mini eggs. Our look was achieved with the Ivy Ellen bunnies invites, a wedding cake decorated with mini eggs and a cake topper made especially to look like rabbits. We also filled clear plastic bunnies with mini eggs as our wedding favours. Our colour scheme was shades of lilac, purple and green, very spring like.”

Pspring Seasonal Wedding Themes

For our Spring seasonal wedding theme we chose two designs – our ‘Bunnies’ wedding invitation and ‘Festoon’.

Featuring two cute little rabbits under a tree of love hearts, Bunnies is a hand stitched design created by award winning artist Jo Corner. Bunnies is printed onto a heavyweight finest quality 350gsm bridal white board. It is also supplied with 120gsm pearlescent envelopes. An icon of springtime, we think these bunny rabbit wedding invitations are perfect for a spring wedding. Starting from only £1.30.

This pretty village fete invitation in pastel tones is perfect for a spring time wedding. The postcard invitation is printed onto heavyweight finest quality 350gsm bridal white board. It is then mounted onto another layer of pastel pink coloured board giving it a very luxurious feel. The text is fully customisable and available in 192 colours and various fonts. The multi coloured pastel bunting is hand-painted and really symbolises a sweet spring time wedding. Invitations starting from just £1.65.

Summer Weddings – June, July & August

As we come into the summer months, the sunshine starts to burn a little brighter and the wedding season really ramps up. The months of May through to September are the most popular time of year for couples to tie the knot. In Britain you may never be 100% guaranteed good weather for your big day, however you do have a much higher chance during June/July. Not to mention how stunning the flowers are during this time; Roses, Cafe au Lait Dahlias, Peonies and Daisies, to name a few. In the past year or two wedding planners have seen a massive rise on the number of couples wanting summer fete style wedding days. Choosing a summer wedding venue may be tricky due to availability but get in there early enough and there are some truly beautiful places. We love the modern converted barns that are so popular these days – most of them have an outdoor space to use for fun outdoor games. The demand for ice-cream vans and even fish and chips has also grown in popularity over the past two or three years, perfect for an outdoor summer wedding day. We personally LOVE these cool and fun outdoor style weddings which are so perfectly suited for summer. Of course suppliers will charge peak prices and less places will be available due to the booking rush so be sure to get in there nice and early! Having a wedding in Summer means that you can also get away with having everything floral if you want to, and no-one will give it a second thought. Hooray for flowers galore! We found these wonderful summer inspired images on Pinterest and have fallen in love with the bright and bold colours!

summer - Seasonal Wedding Themes

For summer time we chose both our ‘Constance’ and ‘Butterfly Kiss’ wedding invitations.

Constance is a bright and bold floral wedding invitation, a beautiful design for those colourful summer weddings. Created from an original artwork by award winning designer Jo Corner, Constance belly band wedding invitations are printed onto heavyweight finest quality 350gsm board. The invitations include transparent luxury paper (the belly bands!) with a personalised tag and luxury double sided satin ribbon. The belly band invitations also come as DIY – meaning you can save a penny or two! Constance belly band invitations start from just £1.95.

This beautiful bright pink design is one of our three laser cut stationery designs from laser cutting specialists Chartula. Butterfly Kiss is a unique and beautiful invitation. A delicate design of flowers and butterflies intertwined makes this invite very popular for Summer weddings. Highlighting your colour scheme couldn’t be easier as Butterfly Kiss comes in up to 6 different colours with a choice of over 40 satin ribbon colours. Starting from just £4.00 readymade, or if you’re feeling crafty the invitations are also available as DIY from just £2.95.

Autumn Weddings – September, October & November

We love Autumn; the crisp fallen leaves, cosy hot chocolates and long brisk walks make us feel all cosy inside. These are busy months for us here at Ivy Ellen as we exhibit at many different wedding shows across the country. However it is also a stunning time of year to have your special day (our team member Stephanie had a lovely bonfire night wedding last year). Of course there are a few different ‘holiday’ events duting the Autumn months too, giving you some amazing theme choices! A Halloween wedding would be spookily amazing, as would a castle to host it in! Bonus: purchase all the left over Halloween decorations in the sale the year before! Of course you also have Bonfire night, team member Stephanie chose to have sparklers, mini hotdogs and a fresh Autumnal look for her bonfire night wedding last year.

“We chose to have an Autumn wedding for a few different reasons. The main one was to keep costs down, our ceremony venue gave us 25% off as they don’t get a lot of interest in November so wanted to keep the booking. Our photographer also did us a great deal so that he had another day of work booked for those Autumn/Winter months. Even if they didn’t suggest it we would always ask for an ‘out of season’ discount and most suppliers were happy to oblige! We also love that time of year, we actually got married on the 7 year anniversary of our first date. It was a crisp and cool day, clear skies and of course plenty of free fireworks in the area!”

Autumn also brings with it a fresh new colour palette including; brown, yellow, orange, red and even rich jewel tones. These fall inspired bridesmaid dresses are simply beautiful, mixing up several different shades of one colour creates a really effortlessly chic look. Also, that cake looks to die for!

autumn Seasonal Wedding Themes

Our Autumn wedding stationery choices are ‘Woodside’ and ‘Hedgerow’.

*Keep an eye out for one of our new Autumn themed wedding invitations coming soon!

Our Hedgerow wedding invitation is one of our stunning belly band styles. This perfectly combines both practicality and beauty. Hedgerow is a bold yet natural looking design that is perfect for an Autumnal, rustic wedding day. The original artwork features a brown driftwood effect background with white and green flowers creeping up the invite. The added brown twine and wooden love heart are just the cherry on top! The belly band wedding invitation is a great way to hold extra information inserts and RSVP cards etc. Our Hedgerow belly band wedding invitations start from just £1.95.

Woodside is a wedding invitation from our new 2017 collection. These brand new wood effect Autumn style wedding invitations venture into a modern take on a rustic look – it’s hard to believe they’re not made from wood! The shutter fold style is a more traditional design however the wood effect board and brown twine create a whole new look. The twine is easily swapped out for a different colour or even a satin ribbon for a softer feel. You can also add a pocket on the inside of the shutter fold invite or choose to have a larger gatefold wood effect wedding invitation — making it super easy to add extra information inserts and RSVP cards. Woodside starts from just £3.15.

Winter Weddings – December, January & February


As the winter months roll in the peak wedding season starts to come to a close. However this means that more suppliers are available, they will often charge you less and you get to decorate with some stunning winter themes! Of course you have a few different routes that you could go down for this seasonal wedding theme; Christmas wedding, winter wonderland and alpine woods (stags, gingham, etc). Of course hitting the shops around Christmas time will provide you with some fabulous decorations (even better in the January sales). One of our favourite venue locations for a winter wedding is a large country house – they just have that warm and cosy winter feeling. We love the idea of a hot chocolate bar for guests, some big snuggly blankets and maybe even a roaring fire or two. Of course snow would be a much added bonus! Some brides and grooms worry about what the weather will do on their winter wedding day – we suggest taking a look online for some ideas and solutions. if it rains – be prepared with some cute umbrellas. Snow forecast? Pack some fashionable welly boots and be sure your photographer gets some gorgeous shots of you outside in the snow!

These winter wedding ideas are perfect picks. A modern and chic wedding cake decorated with winter berries, a stunning white bouquet with seasonal flowers and some truly sparkly bridesmaid dresses for that wow factor.

winter - Seasonal Wedding Themes

For Winter we have chosen our ‘Snowkissed’ and ‘Cantoni’ wedding stationery ranges.

Silver is a beautifully classic colour scheme for any winter wedding. This new Cantoni design is perfect for those wanting a vintage look with a slight twist. The belly band style is a great way to hold extra information inserts and RSVP cards. By adding the ribbon and belly band, you are also adding fantastic texture to a luxury invitation. Our Cantoni belly band wedding invitation starts from just £1.95.

Snow Kissed is one of our most popular designs for a winter wedding – and very popular for seasonal wedding themes. It’s not hard to see why, even if we do say so ourselves! The silver/gold foiling and Swarovski crystals add a little something to this festive invitation. Available in a few different colours you can even tailor the snowflakes to your exact colour scheme! Your wedding stationery can make a real difference to decoration as well, by using place cards, menu cards and table numbers your tables can look really great! Snowkissed starts from £3.70.

Have we convinced you on these stunning seasonal wedding themes? We love them all and there are just so many great ideas for a spring wedding, summer wedding, autumn wedding and of course a winter wedding.

*All non-invitation images are sourced from Pinterest.

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