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Fresh from the absolutely amazing Olympic opening ceremony, my mind has been buzzing with all sorts of inspiration. The wedding season with its generous helping of celebration has helped a fair bit too! With that in mind I thought I’d share 5 of the seemingly simple yet inspirational wedding ideas that can make weddings truly unforgettable…

1. The Devil is in the Detail. I cannot stress this enough! Yes, planning a wedding requires pretty meticulous attention to detail, but I’m not just talking about the big stuff, adding tiny personal touches can turn an average day into an unforgettable day!

2. Get Everyone Involved. For instance, whilst the Olympics is still fresh in my mind, as Team GB arrived Danny Boyle had chosen to release 7 billion tiny dots of paper, one to represent every person on the planet! Now I’m not suggesting for a moment you attempt to incorporate that into your wedding but a simple idea that friends of ours recently incorporated into their own wedding was for everyone present to release a balloon and the effect was really amazing. Not only did it look stunning but it’s a great way to make everybody feel a part of your day. Sharing those experiences and memories is what makes a wedding so special.

3. Add a Personal Touch. Sure there’s an awful lot involved in planning a wedding but sometimes using part of that time to get involved and get creative leaves a lasting impression on your guests. There are so many great ideas online and simple ways to make a huge impact. Getting friends and family on board is also another great way for them to be involved in your special day. At our friends wedding (again!, it really was an inspiring wedding!) guests were given handmade wedding favours. The girls got beautiful heart shaped badges or lavender pillows which were easy to make and so special to receive. Something your guest will treasure forever. The guys got handmade driftwood key-rings, again a simple idea, but totally unforgettable!

4. Break the Rules! Tradition has its place and I’m a big fan but sometimes a simple twist on an old classic can freshen things up. A wedding we went to recently (no, not that one!) served Pimms at the ‘champagne’ reception and do you know what…everybody loved it and it was a great conversation starter too. Each person I spoke to said how lovely and refreshing it was to have something a bit different and champagne was offered for those that preferred but the Pimms was a huge hit.

5. Be Inclusive. Imagine you are a guest at your own wedding and visualise how the day will run, that way you can preempt any issues that may arise. Try it from everybody’s perspective so if you have guests with children, imagine the same day but with kids in tow…are there times of the day they may be bored, or need a little rest, or maybe something to entertain them? Simple solutions can often be found, such as colouring books to keep them quiet during speeches! Older guests may also need extra consideration, and allowing time to consider everybody before the big day means every guest will have a special day. Leaving you to fully enjoy your own inspirational day!


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