Lewis & Emma’s Relaxed Music Themed Wedding Day

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Today I have the wonderful privilege of posting a real life wedding blog for Ivy Ellen’s managing director Lewis and his music themed wedding day. Lewis and Emma tied the knot on the 27th May at the stunning location of Pangdean Barn in West Sussex. Of course many of the Ivy Ellen and Blue Eyed Sun team members attended the reception and loved celebrating with the newlyweds! Lewis and Emma chose to have a picturesque outdoor ceremony and their beautiful little boy, Jesse, stole everyones hearts as ring bearer. I asked the new Mrs Early a few questions about their big day and of course have shared some of their truly stunning photographs with you too…

ceremony family music themed wedding

Who proposed and how did they propose? How did you meet?

We’d actually known each other on and off through the years, but never very well. It wasn’t until I joined Lewis’ band in 2011 that we became really good friends. The timing wasn’t right back then though, and we eventually got our act together 4 years ago and things went pretty quickly from there! Lewis proposed in early 2015 – the first weekend we’d moved into our new home. It was a proper ‘Friends’ moment, I came home to a house filled with candles everywhere and a very romantic dinner, and it went from there. Perfect.

…We had just started planning the wedding when we discovered I was pregnant though, so plans got delayed a while!

 jesse family music themed wedding

Did you have a look or theme in mind for your wedding day, and how was this achieved?

Initially I think all we really knew was that we wanted a day that felt relaxed and not too formal. We knew we had to have great food and that we were going to be quite specific on the music. Not actually as easy as you’d think to tick all those boxes, but we managed it.

bridal prep music themed wedding

Lewis and I are both very musical so we knew from our first conversation that we wanted to have a live band. We also wanted to fill the day with as much music as we could and have our other musical friends involved. That was initially as far as it went, but as we started planning and thinking about the details, a music themed wedding naturally developed. In the end we had 6 different bands/musicians play throughout the day. Our tables were named after songs, mixtapes for the favours…there was music everywhere and it was perfect. We even performed a “first song” together instead of a first dance! But this all just evolved as we planned and brainstormed. I think to get the best out of your day with regards to look and theme, and regardless of budget, is all in the talking about it. Much to Lewis’ dismay at the time I’m sure (not another talk about the wedding!), it’s definitely how the ideas evolved and how our day took shape and showed both of our personalities…I just may have made them all come to life a bit more with my over organisation and bossiness!

whiskey bar music themed wedding

singers music themed wedding

Who were your top 3 wedding suppliers that helped make your day special and why?

I thought it would be hard to pick 3, but actually as it goes there were 3 standouts for our day.

Without a doubt, our photographer Teri V  was one of the best decisions we made in planning our wedding. We knew from very early on that we would use her. Lewis had met her at trade shows and knew she was very nice. She then came to our home and did a newborn shoot with us when we had Jesse. So I was very comfortable around her, knew she was very good, and thought she was lovely. Therefore it was a done deal. It was the biggest expense next to the venue, but I honestly feel it’s an area of wedding spending you should put as much into as you can. We are so over the moon with our wedding photos, and we’re going to be looking back on them for years and years to come. So worth it!!

love newlyweds music themed wedding

Pangdean Barns is an absolutely incredible venue. We found Pangdean not long after getting engaged and it ticked all our boxes. A beautiful barn and beautiful grounds. We could get married outside, we could have whatever bands/music we wanted and the food had a really good reputation. All of these things were important to us and Pangdean didn’t fall short on anything. Nicky (the owner) and Michael (the operations manager) are in another class and truly do make you feel like anything is possible. We couldn’t recommend it enough!

guests music themed wedding

Soul Treasures and Quinto. We crammed a lot of music into our day – 6 acts in total. All of them were great, I’m so glad we filled the day with so much different music. However, our two main bands were Quinto (a latin jazz quartet) that played for the early part of the evening as evening guests arrived. They really got everyone into the party mood. Then Soul Treasures, were our main evening band, whom we have had endless compliments on! We were so lucky to have these guys play. Gemma, the singer, does play with these guys regularly and do lots of weddings. However we also know her personally and I like to think she put something extra special together for us. They rocked the night away and the dance floor was always full!

entertainment music themed wedding

What advice would you give to brides whilst planning their wedding & on their wedding day?

It definitely depends what kind of bride you are, but if you’re like me – over organised and a bit crafty, then I’d say get a little notebook at the beginning and start making those notes! It just made me feel so much better to get things down on paper. We did do a lot of little bits and bobs for our music themed wedding, such as our own centre pieces. This involved collecting a lot of bottles and jars over a year, then decorating them. We also made the confetti by drying and preseving flower petals, and also made mixtapes for favours which were cassette cases but with usbs inside with playlists of our favourite songs….lots of bits to do! Lewis massively pulled his weight too, but I’m mum to a 1 year old, and work part time. So life is busy for all of us. Writing down everything I needed to get done meant I could feel fairly calm about not forgetting stuff – and delegating to Lewis! As I started things early (also a top tip), I could jot things down with the time scale I wanted to work to as well.

Jesse music themed wedding

Also I would say don’t get too swept up in the trends and pinterest etc. It’s all great for inspiration, but your wedding day needs to be a little bit of you and your partner, I think that’s how it feels truly special. So don’t get too caught up in what other people have done.

On the day itself, breathe and enjoy! Don’t let any small details get in the way of you having a good time. Just be in love, grin like a cheshire cat and soak up every moment and memory of the day that you can! Everyone says it, but it goes in a flash. You can’t be wasting time worrying about little things that may or may not go to plan. Just enjoy your day!

Lewis’ Advice for Grooms: It’s often a tough one for the groom in the wedding planning stage. There are so many decisions to be made when planning a wedding however I found that more often than not, despite working in the wedding industry, I didn’t have an opinion to the questions being asked (I don’t know, for example, my Carnations from my Dahlias let alone which is more suitable for a centre piece!). So my advice would be to stand firm on things you really don’t want for your wedding but otherwise try and take a few areas that do matter to you and own those to ease the decision making burden. Having a music themed wedding was important to us so I looked after our mixtape favours, made our stationery and vinyl table plan (OK, I do this for a living so it’s cheating!) and of course took charge of the beer and whisky tasting. Otherwise I just tried to offer some perspective when needed and reassurance that whatever colour palette you choose for the confetti, your guests will love it just the same!

For the day itself, my advice (as cheesy as it sounds) would be to live in the moment. Focus soley on your partner in the ceremony, make as much eye contact as you can and feel the vows you are making. Take moments throughout the day to look around the room and take in the atmosphere. Everyone is there to celebrate with you and it’s a feeling like no other so take it all in. Most importantly (and the best decision I made!) leave your phone at home – there is nothing on Facebook more important than your wedding!

bridal party music themed wedding

wedding party music themed wedding

What was your favourite/most memorable part of the wedding and why?

This is a toughie, so I’m going to be cheeky! It’s hard to choose between the ceremony and the speeches. Seeing Lewis for the first time (and holding our little boy too!) just made me the happiest girl on the planet. I was absolutely terrified for the 30 minutes before getting to the aisle and just as soon as I saw him it all disappeared. I was about to marry the love of my life. That feeling was incredible and I grinned from that moment and didn’t stop all day. The speeches were amazing too! We had 4 (5 if you include our son getting everyone in the mood as the warm up act) and everyone did an incredible job, but my husband in particular had some lovely words (and he’s not a man of many), and they will always stay with me.

Honestly, I’ve done well just sticking with two, there are so many moments!

Lewis’ most memorable part: For me, the most memorable moment was seeing Emma appear at the end of the aisle. It was the moment that all of the stress of planning and worry for the day disappeared and the simplicity of what the day is about is clear. I would also say the speeches were a surprise highlight for me too. Whilst I consider myself a confident guy in most situations, public speaking is not something I enjoy (I have a habit of mumbling and I’m certainly not immune to the odd Spoonerism!). I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to say what I wanted without turning into an awkward, mumbling mess. Luckily, I quickly realised that everyone is on your side and being able to share my thanks with all our loved ones was really special.

speeches music themed wedding

Were you happy with your wedding stationery?

Of course! Lewis actually knew which design he wanted before we even really got planning. I don’t quite know how it would have gone down if I’d been against them – but I wasn’t, they were beautiful! I loved that we could have it as a theme running through the day, from the save the dates, to the invites, to the place cards and order of the day. They fitted in perfectly with the venue and the day and I couldn’t have been happier with them! I lost count of the amount of compliments we had on the invitations! I was also really set on doing a table plan using Vinyls with song titles on, so we made these ourselves, but Ivy Ellen then sorted out mounting it onto a beautiful frame for the table plan! I was so happy with that….I kind of want to keep it to put in our house, but I don’t think I’m allowed!

*Lewis and Emma chose our Splash wedding stationery collection for their music themed wedding day. A colourful and vibrant watercolour design.

place card music themed wedding

Ivy Ellen’s Splash Place Card

wedding stationery music themed wedding

order of the day music themed wedding

Ivy Ellen’s Splash Order of the Day

I am so happy that we got to share this music themed wedding – all of our love goes to Lewis & Emma and best wishes for their family’s new future together 🙂

A massive thank you to Teri V for providing these wonderful photographs!

For more wedding theme ideas see: How To Create A Wonderful Woodland Wedding Theme

bridal music themed wedding

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