What It’s Like To Be Considered A Plus Size Bride

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Hi everyone – it’s Sussex Bride here! Today is a very personal post that I felt although very sensitive, needed sharing. I’d like to talk with you about what it’s like to be considered as a plus size bride. Many of you might find this subject a little sensitive or awkward but I really want to draw attention to those three little words – plus size bride.


As you know I got married a little over a month ago now on the 5th November, it was an amazing day and I couldn’t have wished for a better husband to share it with. We took about a year to plan the wedding and in that time I felt an unbearable pressure to lose weight for the big day. In every wedding magazine going there were lists of what to do for the wedding – and nearly all of them included starting a fitness regime. Why? Why should marrying the person you love come hand in hand with dieting? Surely they love you as you are?

smiling-bride-and-groom Plus Size Bride

However I did join a gym and vowed to myself that I must be skinnier before the wedding day – I must. If I wanted to look anything like the models did in my wedding dress then I needed to go down at least 2 dress sizes. The funny thing was though that as soon as I mentioned the wedding to anyone at the gym they always said “Oh losing weight for the big day”. They knew – everyone knows that if you are getting married the automatic assumption is that you should lose weight or tone up. I felt pressured.

My time at the gym didn’t go well – I didn’t enjoy the monotonous running on a treadmill or even the ‘fun fitness’ classes. I eventually stopped going and although I felt like I had let myself down, I also felt a huge sigh of relief.

Plus Size Bride

The next hurdle was dress shopping – although I never considered myself to be a plus size bride it turns out I am. I thought myself lucky as I found a dress online that I fell in love. At first I was happy with it and stuck with the dress for a few months. However after looking at the pictures of myself in the dress over and over again I began to feel very uncomfortable. It showed off all the parts of me that I wanted to hide – mainly my hips and bum! So, I returned the dress and went on the hunt for a different style. I made an appointment with a bridal store in Hove, East Sussex and let them know my size and budget. Upon arriving I very quickly realised that almost every single dress they had was only available to try on in a size 10. Needless to say it would barely fit over my chest let alone my bum or hips. I asked the woman about size 14/16 dresses and she said they didn’t carry dresses for the plus size bride. I said thank you, gathered my things and left – bursting into tears when I got back in my car. I thought wedding dress shopping was supposed to be a magical experience where everyone cried at how beautiful you looked – not the bride crying because she felt like she wasn’t pretty enought to wear a dress.


My Mum comforted me and helped find another bridal store in the area that stocked ‘plus size’ wedding dresses. The experience in this next shop was the complete opposite of the first. Karen from Blessings of Brighton could not have been more friendly and accomodating. They had dresses in different sizes, styles and price ranges. They pulled a few for me to try on and although I realised that wedding dress sizes are NOTHING like highstreet sizes I did find THE dress. (Warning you will likely need at least two sizes bigger in bridal wear). I had three fittings in the lead up to the big day to alter the dress and every single time I felt 100% happy in the dress and did not care about weight.

sl-Plus Size Bride

The bridal industry needs to step up their game when it comes to women who are considered as a plus size bride. Every single bride should be made to feel good about themselves, not pressured into losing weight. Every single bride should feel confident in their dress choice and not told they can only wear a certain silhouette type. Last but not least every single bride should stop worrying about what other people think – this is your day and the only opinion that matters is yours as a couple. Love yourself and of course love eachother.


Sussex Bride x0x

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