NEW: Matching Wedding Stationery Address Labels

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Today I am happy to announce the arrival of our long awaited matching wedding stationery address labels! Hoorah! Our busy bee team members have been working on getting these stunning wedding stationery address labels up onto the website for a little while now – but we totally think they’re worth the wait 😉

wedding stationery address labels

Wedding planning can be a very stressful time for many brides and grooms – the money, the organisation and the time it takes up! We can’t and don’t want to imagine how much time and patience would be needed to hand write all of your guest addresses and your own RSVP address onto ALL of your wedding invitation envelopes. That’s why we want to print them for you!

All of our address labels cost just 40p each with a one-off fee of £30 for alternate guest addresses! It’s quick and easy to send over the adresses to us here at Ivy Ellen, we will then print them onto our beautiful wedding stationery address labels. All you need to do is stick them on and send them off to your awaiting guests!

We suggest sending your wedding invitations out around 6 months before the wedding day, if possible. This is will ensure all the guests you want to attend are free to do so. If you are getting married abroad or in peak wedding season, the earlier the better. Of course if you send Save the Dates this also helps!

You can also use these fabulous wedding stationery address albels for your RSVP cards – not all your guests will know your address so it’s a good idea to address the envelope for them. This will hopefully make it easier for your guests to respond right away and minimise the chasing time after your RSVP date has passed.


Not all of our designs have the lable sup and running just yet, but if you see a design and would like matching labels then simply pop us an email or call.

For more tips and advice on sending our your wedding invitations see:Top Tips for Sending Your Wedding Invitations

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