Our Top 4 Honeymoon Destinations 2017

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Wedding planning can be very stressful -we all know that. Therefore your honeymoon destinations 2017 is a must-do on your list – a little TLC will be needed after the big day! In this blog we have narrowed our choices for top honeymoon destinations 2017 to just 4. They are all unique, wonderful and of course – simply beautiful.

seychelles honeymoon destinations 2017


We have to admit we became obsessed with this place when Kat from Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride ventured there earlier this year! If you’re looking for a laid-back, picturesque vacation then this should be top of your honeymoon destinations 2017 list! Seychelles is pretty much what we imagine paradise might look like – the beach is sublimely soft, the waters are crystal clear, and all the resorts on the islands are to die for. Your first job is to decide which of their stunning private islands to stay on – most of which are lush in wilderness, sandy beaches and romace in abundance. All luxury hotels on the Seychelles will offer you and your spouse the chance to dine alone in a romantic spot around their property!

We won’t lie – Seychelles can be expensive but looks SO worth it!

south-africa-2 honeymoon destinations 2017

South Africa

Often referred to as “a world in one country” we think South Africa is an ideal candidate for your honeymoon destinations list. Whether you’re looking for a modern and vibrant city such as Cape Town, deserted beaches and wildlife filled forests of KwaZulu-Natal or the lush vineyards of Stellenbosch. Of course you also have a huge array of wildlife preserves, surrounded by South Africa’s breathtaking landscapes. Their summer (December-February) is ideal for beaches, while winter (June to August) is best for game viewing.

italy-honeymoon-destinatons 2017


Luxurious. Chic. Fine Foods. We can only be talking about one place – Italy! Italy is full of historic culture as well as diverse and modern citites like Milan. After the hectic wedding planning why not relax with a glass of wine, a rustic woodfired pizza and your new husband/wife. Whether you choose Milan to do a spot of shopping or Rome for the amazing food – we can guarantee that Italy is sure to be one of the most stunning honeymoon destinations.



The United States of America is a vast country that has SO many diffferent possibilities for the honeymooning couple. You have the fast paced city of Manhattan, the relaxed and picteresque beaches of California, the glam night life of Las vegas and even a bit of Southern hospitality in the deep south. Why not visit them all? A USA road trip would be a perfect way to go on a new adventure together and see many different cultures – hiring a pretty car to drive is also a bonus!


Aren’t they all amazing? I have the holiday blues looking at all of these wonderful places!

Where will you choose for your hoeymon destinations 2017 list? Let us know in the comments below!

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