Rain On Your Wedding Day? No Problem!

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You can’t control mother nature – but you can control how you deal with it! Rain on your wedding day might seem like the end of the world but we can 100% assure you that it is not! Some of the most stunning photographs we have come across while blogging weddings have been ones where it is pouring down with rain. So today we wanted to chat a little bit about how to deal with unfortunate weather and how to make the best of it…

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Okay so the first thing you need to do is make sure you have a backup plan for anything that is planned outdoors. For example your ceremony location should either have an indoor alternative that you can use or some kind of shelter should be available. For example if you’re planning to tie the knot in the middle of a field – perhaps a gazebo or even plenty of large umbrellas would be a great way to save the day. Rain on your wedding day does not have to spell disaster!

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Next up we suggest talking to your photographer about plans for shooting in the rain. You need to be confident that you’re photographer won’t miss some important moments because they weren’t prepared for the weather! A good photographer will reassure you that they are happy to get a little bit wet to capture the best memories for you. They will also know that a stormy background can create some truly stunning photos.

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Number 3, style your wedding day to prepare for rain! We recommend purchasing some seriously cute white/see through umbrellas – you could even get personalised ones! Placing towels and clean up essentials in the toilets would also be very handy – if it decides to rain on your wedding day then many guests will head straight to the toilets to sort themsleves out. We would suggest some mini hair straightners, a towel or two, some hairspray, makeup wipes and maybe even some flip flops for those who stepped in a puddle or two!

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Last but certainly not least, embrace it! If you let the rain on your wedding day spoil it for you then it will definetely be regretted down the line! We suggest that you whole heartedly embrace the weather – worry about cleaning your dress later, enjoy the moment and make some truly special memories!


We hope this blog has put your mind to rest about rain on your wedding day!

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