Should You Take Your Children on Your Honeymoon?

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As more and more couples find themselves getting married and honeymooning once they already have children, the big question arises. Should you take your children on your honeymoon? Traditionally the honeymoon is a vacation that the newlyweds take together after the wedding, a romantic and fun get away to kick off married life. However would this be the same if you took a little person with you? Many companies are now advertising different types of honeymoon – the mini moon (few days away) and even the familymoon. So with that in mind we decided to ask someone who knows a little more about this situation. Ivy Ellen’s manager, Lewis, is soon to be wed to his lovely fiancé Emma and together they have their beautiful boy Jesse. Together they had to look at the decision of taking your children on your honeymoon.

Children on Your Honeymoon - WEDDING

So, over to Emma…Should you take children on your honeymoon?


When we first got engaged one of the main talking points was the American road trip we were going to do for our honeymoon. 4 weeks off work (If Lew’s boss was nice enough), starting somewhere around Memphis and working our way round all the musical cities of the South. Epic. Then plans changed a little when we found out I was expecting Jesse (we put the wedding off for a year to start).

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We could have taken Jesse with us of course, plenty do. But the trip we had in mind involved late night blues in New Orleans over whiskys, long hot drives in a convertible Mustang across deserted roads. We just didn’t fancy adapting them enough to have Jesse with us. So we re-thought things – a lot.

In the end we went for a curve ball. We couldn’t/wouldn’t leave Jesse for longer than a week, so we decided to split the honeymoon. Part A was Lewis’ job. He’s planned a week without Jesse to a destination unbeknown to be me! I will literally find out when we’re standing infront of the departures board. It’s either a really good idea or a mad one (what do I pack!?)!

We’ll then fly home to pick up Jesse for part B (planned by me), which is when we fly to Croatia 9 days. We’re staying in Dubrovnik and also driving down to Montenegro, splitting our time between the two. I chose Croatia/Montenegro for a few reasons; the first being we wanted to stay in Europe. Flying with a toddler requires a holiday in itself, so we’re keeping it minimal. Secondly, I really wanted to take Lewis somewhere he hadn’t been before – and he’s ticked quite a lot of Europe off his list! I wanted nice weather and beautiful scenery, it gets a big tick there, and finally, I’d generally heard great things about the areas so I just plain old fancied it!

Children on Your Honeymoon - CROATIA

Jesse definitely was a big factor in the decision of where to go. For a start, we wanted to explore Dubrovnik old town, but it has a lot of cobbled streets and steep steps and won’t be especially easy with him. So we’re spending the first night in the old town so we can do some exploring, and then moving out of town where we’ve got an airbnb house with a pool and access to family beaches. So it wasn’t so much the country which we had to consider for him, but where we stayed. A hotel wouldn’t be much fun at this age either, as generally it’s just the one room. So it either involves a very overtired toddler that wants to go to bed, or two grown ups quietly eating room service in the bathroom – not so romantic. Rented apartments/houses are the way forward I think.

I’m really excited about Jesse being part of our honeymoon now. Not going to lie, before I was a mum and Jesse was just a line on a pregnancy test, the thought of not getting our road trip, just the two of us, made me so sad. But now, for starters I couldn’t think of being away from him for that long, but also he’s really good company! I can’t wait to have a holiday with him.

So aside from the normal parent worries – not letting him get sunburn, travelling on a plane etc, I cant wait! Lets face it, I’ve got the best of both worlds anyway….one week away as newlyweds, filled with lie-ins, late nights and exploring like we used to do. Followed by a holiday with my lovely family. Win win.

Children on Your Honeymoon - FAMILY 2

I hope this blog about taking children on your honeymoon was helpful to you. I’d like to thank Emma for writing such a lovely guest blog for us and of course wish her all the best for the two holidays! I’ll see you on the wedding day!


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