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Today I am saying hello to you as a married woman! After a wonderful seven years together Liam and I tied the knot on Saturday 5th November and we could not be happier. I’d like to share with you some wedding day reflections that I have thought about – it has been so much fun to share this wedding journey with you and I don’t want it to stop! We are currently waiting to recieve all the pictures back from our wonderful photographer but I do have one or two to share with you today!


Okay so there a quite a few wedding day reflections I have so I decided to bullet point them for you…

wedding day reflections bride and groom

Photography by D.B Sussex Photography

It is NOT worth worrying yourself sick over how you’ll look on the wedding day. This is so so important for me to share ( I will likely write another blog just for this!). I’m not a size 10 and the thought of looking ‘fat’ on my wedding day literally made me sick with anxiety. However, on the wedding day, it didn’t even cross my mind. I put my dress on and felt amazing, I saw Liams face as I walked into the room and felt beautiful. Every single person there complimented me and at the end of the night I didn’t care what my size was or how I looked in the photographs, I simply danced with my new husband and forgot about it. I urge you to let go of any worries you have about how you may look on the day and just enjoy it.


The most important things to your guests is the food and the entertainment. They don’t really notice all the small details that you spent FOREVER fretting over. On the wedding day all my guests loved the DJ and wedding singer we had hired, had a great time in the photobooth, enjoyed the food and genuinely loved being there with us. They didn’t mind whether we had an even amount of flowers in each bottle, whether we had chalkboard quote signs or fancy bunting.

wedding day reflections team

The Ivy Ellen Team

Having a late in the day ceremony and skipping the sit down meal was totally worth it. We knew from the start that we couldn’t afford to go over £4000 for the wedding day and having a sit down meal for 60 guests was just not do-able. We therefore decided to have a 4pm ceremony, a few canapes and drinks before hitting the big evening reception. We saved a TON of money and still had all the fun. My dad, the best man and Liam all made speeches before the first dance and everyone still enjoyed the day. If you can’t afford it don’t fret about it!


Hiring a photobooth is GENIUS. Every single guest loved it, the booth provided a great form of entertainment for the guests. We have a whole collection of photographs from evening guests and day guests that are simply hilarious. The booth printed two photographs so the guests took one home and stuck the other in our guest book with a little note. 100% worth the money.

wedding day reflections photobooth

The Blue Eyed Sun and Ivy Ellen Team

I don’t have any wedding day regrets but there is one thing I feel reflective of in a different way. The timings of the day. The ceremony was at 4pm and only lasted about 20 minutes (we didn’t have any readings). We then had use of the ceremony location till 6pm and the reception location from 6pm (different venue). After doing the rounds, having a canape or two and a few photographs guests were ready to leave the ceremony venue by about 5.15pm meaning when they arrived at the reception it was abit quiet and suppliers were just finishing setting up. I know that it doesn’t matter and everyone still had fun but I wish we had thought about some kind of entertainment after the ceremony!


I hope these wedding day reflections will help you and keep an eye out for my real life wedding blog!

All my love, Sussex Bride xox

Photographer (first photo): D.B Sussex Photography

Florist: My Bouquet Day

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