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Sussex Bride: Reflecting On Our First Year Of Marriage

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

Hello everyone! Today’s blog is all about reflecting on our first year of marriage. It’s been awhile since I last checked in properly and I am sorry for that! I have still been here blogging away for Ivy Ellen but took a step back after the wedding as Sussex Bride, I guess now I should be called Sussex Wife? As you may well remember my husband and I tied the knot back in November last year. Meaning we will soon be making plans to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary – boy how time has flown!

sussex bride - first year of marriage

First Year of Marriage

I remember our wedding day like it was yesterday, and each time I do I still get that warm fuzzy feeling of a newlywed. I hope that doesn’t ever stop! However today I wanted to chat a little bit about what we have been up to since the wedding and whether or not anything has actually changed being a married couple…

first year of marriage

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