Ivy Ellen Update: London Wedding Invitations

May 5th, 2016

One of our most popular designs since it’s release in 2013 has been our London wedding invitations. However this year we have done a little update – London is an evergrowing city and we felt our wonderful wedding invitation should refelect that. We have now added The Shard to our skyline – now one of London’s most popular and iconic bulidings.

The London design is still printed onto our luxurious 300gsm pearlescent board with gloss foiled text. We have a selection of fonts, personalised inserts and matching pearlescent envelopes available too. However the best bit about our London wedding invitations is that they are available in up to 192 different colours! Yes you did read that correctly, 192 different colour choices. Not only can you match these invitations to your colour theme but you can be 100% exact. The price for these London wedding invitations start from just £2.25 per invitation. Read the rest of this entry »

Real Life Weddings: Andrea and Jamie’s Big Easy BBQ Wedding

October 24th, 2014

Andrea and Jamie met at the age of 13 after Andrea moved into Jamie’s village and started at the same high school. The first time they met, Andrea said to herself, “I want to marry him!”. Needless to say, her 13 year old self is giving herself a pat on the back for calling it! They became very good friends and acted as ‘pen-pals’ to each other via email when he worked away for months at a time. Jamie would visit Andrea at University when he was home, they lost contact for a while but after they reconnected they knew it would be forever. Andrea and Jamie got married in August 2014 at the beautiful Syon Park in London. Here Andrea and Jamie share their thoughts on their BBQ wedding day and the funny story of how he proposed…


York Place Studios couple dancing


Andrea says “Jamie proposed on a Monday night after I finished work, we went to one of our favourite restaurants The Big Easy (on Kings Road in London) because on a Monday it is All-You-Can-Eat BBQ night with ribs and chicken! The funny thing about the story is that we had started having a bit of a heated discussion over dinner while we were enjoying our margaritas and Jamie defused the situation (since he knew he was going to propose) and told me that he thought the margarita was going to his head so he was going to stop drinking. All I could think was “Okay, well I’ll finish yours then!” We went home and as we walked through our door and picked up the post, I got a little preoccupied (I say a little, I mean a lot) so was completely oblivious to Jamie trying to free his hands of my work bag and belongings I had handed over so I could rifle through the letters, in order to pull out the ring. I then walked away from him, still unaware, which meant that poor Jamie then had to follow me around to set up the proposal. “You know our trip to Las Vegas next month? Why don’t we make it an engagement celebration instead of a plain holiday?”

I turned around, a bit confused, to find him down on his knee presenting my beautiful engagement ring. All I could do was squeal “Yes!” Our starter at the wedding was a homage to The Big Easy, so we had BBQ Ribs and Chicken wings! ”


York Place Studios ribs photo

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