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Offer of the Month: 15% Off Table Plans

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

Okay let us start by apologising – we are a tad late on the offer of the month blog post! However this month we are offering you 15% OFF all table plans!

Is your wedding fast approaching? Time to get that table plan sorted!

table plans may

All of our table plans come fully assembled in a beautiful swept frame. We also offer the choice of a gold, ivory or white frame along with your choice of wedding stationery design.

If you’d like to save money on your table plan then all you have to do is enter the discount code MAYPLAN at the checkout stage online. You can also email us at or call on 0203 034 1200.

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*If you don’t see the design you want please do let us know!

Below are the links to a few blogs that you might find helpful when looking to make an order with us!

Wedding Stationery: What Do I Need and Why Do I Need It?
We hope to see your order soon! Stephanie x

5 Ways to Feature Your Table Plan

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Your table plan is important, we have established this before and I hope you listened! Table plans can be a huge part of your venue decoration and should definitely look as spectacular as you do! You need to remember that every single guest will be eyeing this up so it needs to reflect your big day, there are so many ways to feature your table plan that the list is endless. Table plans tend to co-ordinate with your wedding theme and they can work with any theme you like from vintage to Alice in wonderland! (yes we also suspect an Alice in wonderland wedding would be awesome…)

guests looking at a table plan

Image courtesy of Eddie Judd Photography

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