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7 Top Tips for Doing Your Own Wedding Day Makeup

Monday, August 28th, 2017

Doing your own wedding day makeup can seem duanting – but today we have our Sussex Bride (now Sussex Wife) with us to talk about her experience and give you some top tips. We all know that wedding planning is a very expensive time. Some brides simply don’t have the budget to spend alot of money on a makeup artist. However, with a little bit of advice and some practise you’ll feel confident enough in your own makeup skills to look a million bucks on the big day!

Wedding Day Makeup - bride

Photography courtesy of: Georgi Mabee

So, over to Sussex Bride….

Okay let me just start by saying I am not a professional makeup artist. I have never had any kind of training, however, I have had alot of practise over the years and am some what of a makeup enthusiast. Asking for beauty products for every birthday and Christmas has built me a good collection of products, I also save up and buy good quality makeup products regularly. Spending FAR too many hours watching beauty vloggers means that I and am always learning new skills. My wedding was done on a small budget and therefore one of the things that I couldn’t afford was a proper makeup artist. I therefore decided to do my own wedding makeup and have a few tips and tricks which might help you along the way 🙂 Read the rest of this entry »