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What It’s Like To Be Considered A Plus Size Bride

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

Hi everyone – it’s Sussex Bride here! Today is a very personal post that I felt although very sensitive, needed sharing. I’d like to talk with you about what it’s like to be considered as a plus size bride. Many of you might find this subject a little sensitive or awkward but I really want to draw attention to those three little words – plus size bride.


As you know I got married a little over a month ago now on the 5th November, it was an amazing day and I couldn’t have wished for a better husband to share it with. We took about a year to plan the wedding and in that time I felt an unbearable pressure to lose weight for the big day. In every wedding magazine going there were lists of what to do for the wedding – and nearly all of them included starting a fitness regime. Why? Why should marrying the person you love come hand in hand with dieting? Surely they love you as you are?

smiling-bride-and-groom Plus Size Bride

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The Iconic 2015 Collection with Naomi Neoh

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

It may seem like many moons ago (or to be exact one solar eclipse ago) that we were exhibiting at Brides the Show in London – however we just love connecting with other wedding industry experts and of course connecting you with the best in the business! If you haven’t yet heard the name Naomi Neoh then you are missing out and we are here to tell you why! Glass of wine? Check! Comfy sofa seat? Check! Beautiful blog about wedding dresses? Check!

I caught up with team members Emma and Robyn while at Brides the Show in London last year, the Naomi Neoh stand was so busy I was lucky to get a few quick questions in for all you lovely Brides to be and some gorgeous images to match!

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