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The History of Wedding Invitations – 18th Century to Present Day

Thursday, April 13th, 2017

Why do we have wedding invitations? What is the history of wedding invitations? Wedding stationery is now a must have part of every wedding – the colours available are unimaginable, the designs, styles, techniques and shapes are that of a stationery marvel. However it hasn’t always been that way. We decided to do a little research of our own to find out how wedding invitations, and therefore our little company, have come about. We also thought we’d let you in on how we started Ivy Ellen Wedding Invitations and how we’ve grown since.

So the history of wedding invitations all started at the turn of the 18th century when reading and writing was a sign of eductaion. Therefore only the elite could actually use this form of correspondance and send invitations. Usually a monk, who had the skills of calligraphy, would hand write each elaborate and luxury invitation for the family. The invite was often closed with a wax seal of the family crest – another sign of status. Before this, in the middle ages, a town crier would simply announce the wedding in the square and whoever was in ear shot was essentailly invited to the celebrations. Unless of course you had been shunned by the family – oh the despair!

By 1447 Johann Gutenberg of Mainz, Germany, craftsman and inventor, created letterpress printing. He invented the moveable type and by combining it with exisiting technologies he was able to compete with the handwritten invites created by Monks. His method of printing from lead moveable type, a novel letterpress, and oil based inks allowed for the first time the mass production of books. Letterpress printing is done by inking type, or an engraving, and pressing that form into paper with the use of a letterpress.

Traditionally, there would always be a layer of tissue paper in with the letterpressed invite as the ink would not always dry quickly and may run/smudge. This invite and tissue paper layer would then be placed inside a pristine envelope and then inside another larger one. The larger envelope would have instructions for the courier as to how to deliver it and would keep the main invite clean and dry. Each wedding invitation was delivered by hand, often by servants. At this stage the outer envelope was thrown away and the recipients’ butler would deliver the pristine invitation to the family on a silver tray.

history of wedding invitation - 1895

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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Offer of the Month: 10% Off On the Day Wedding Stationery

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

Is it really April?! As we head into another month of 2017 we are of course offering a new discount -10% off on the day wedding stationery! Is your summer wedding on the horizon? Order your on the day wedding stationery items now – there is 10% off all; Menu Cards, Order of Service, Table Numbers, Place Cards and even Table Plans!

april - on the day wedding stationery

If you’d like to save money on your on the day wedding stationery items then all you have to do is enter the discount code OTD10 at the checkout stage online. You can also email us at or call on 0203 034 1200.

on the day wedding stationery



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Offer of the Month: 4 Free Wedding Invitation Samples

Friday, January 13th, 2017

Feeling the January blues? For January’s offer of the month we have decided to give you 4 FREE wedding invitation samples! Looking at your wedding stationery online can be a little tricky, and we understand that. So all you have to do is pick four of your favourite designs and until the 31st January – we will send the wedding invitation samples to you for free!

January - wedding invitation samples

Here at Ivy Ellen we are proud to create our wedding stationery with the highest quality products. Of course we want you to see this quality, this way you can be 100% sure that you have chosen the correct design for your big day. Wedding invitation samples are normally priced at £2.50 each so be sure to use this code before it’s too late!

All you need to do is simply enter the code 4FREE at the basket stage online. You can also email us to or call 0203 034 1200 to order your wedding invitation samples. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.

SAMPLE CODE - wedding invitation samples



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Offer of the Month: Free Shipping On All Wedding Stationery

Monday, December 12th, 2016

‘Tis the time of year for giving, so we have a little gift just for you. For the whole month of December we are giving every single customer FREE SHIPPING on every single order! Every little helps when it comes to planning for a wedding and we like to help as much as possible, especially with your wedding stationery…


Yes you did read that right. Completely 100% FREE shipping on ALL orders! No catches, no order value limit just a lovely little gesture from us to you. All you need to do is simply enter the code FBFS at the basket stage online. You can also email us to or call 0203 034 1200 for a customer order quote and present the code FBFS to gain the discount. The offer runs until the end of December 2016 and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.


Below are the links to a few blogs that you might find helpful when looking to make an order with us!

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New: Foiled London Skyline Wedding Invitaton

Thursday, November 24th, 2016

As another year comes to a close we would love to introduce to you our new range of hand foiled skyline wedding invitations. Today’s design is the London skyline -the iconic and glamorous capital of the United Kingdom. Our current London wedding invitation has proved popular over the years so we decided to create another London skyline design with a more contemporary and edgy look.


Our design comes it two different style options with two colour choices available. A folded card invitation with pearlescent insert or a mounted postcard style in either gloss silver or gold. The London skyline is embellished with a single genuine Swarovski crystal and the option for your names to be hand foiled also. These invitations make a bold statement – perfect for the city of London.

London skyline close up

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How To Create A Belly Band Wedding Invitation

Thursday, July 14th, 2016

In 2014 we brought out  new collection of stunning belly band wedding invitation designs, all of which are super fun and fresh. A belly band wedding invitation is really handy for holding extra information inserts and RSVP cards etc. all in one neat little package. Belly band wedding invitations look simple and contemporary but can hold alot of text too. Our belly band wedding invitations come as DIY. We supply you with the printed cards as necessary and then you create the belly band with the items we give you.

In your order you would recieve; your printed wedding invitation, any other cards you ordered, the bands, printed and cut tags, clear stickers and pre cut twine or ribbon. So today we decided to create a fun tutorial video. You can follow along with when making up your belly band wedding invitation. This simple guide will show you step by step how to create the perfect belly band.

Have any questions, tips or comments? Let us know in the comments below!

See all our belly band wedding invitation designs here >> Belly Band Wedding Invitations

For more wedding stationery tips see: 5 Tips To Increase Your RSVP Response Rate

5 Wedding Details You’ll Want To Splurge On

Friday, May 6th, 2016

It is no secret that weddings are expensive and those little wedding details can quickly add up – but what items do you scrimp on and for which do you splurge? Here we have listed 5 wedding details that we think you should definitely consider splurging on for your big day. Don’t forget we also love DIY too but these details are just so worth the money…

the i dos - Wedding Details

Photo courtesy of Georgi Mabee

1. Videography

You may have seen our recent blog with Clark & Palmer Wedding Films about the importance of wedding videography. If you haven’t then you should totally check it out BUT we’ll briefly explain here for you anyway! We 100% think that if you’re going to splurge on something for your wedding day that wedding videography is a go to! Obviously photography is just as important but we all know how fast the big day will go. Being able to look back on those precious memories and re-live those wedding details will be so special. Read the rest of this entry »

Ivy Ellen Update: London Wedding Invitations

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

One of our most popular designs since it’s release in 2013 has been our London wedding invitations. However this year we have done a little update – London is an evergrowing city and we felt our wonderful wedding invitation should refelect that. We have now added The Shard to our skyline – now one of London’s most popular and iconic bulidings.

The London design is still printed onto our luxurious 300gsm pearlescent board with gloss foiled text. We have a selection of fonts, personalised inserts and matching pearlescent envelopes available too. However the best bit about our London wedding invitations is that they are available in up to 192 different colours! Yes you did read that correctly, 192 different colour choices. Not only can you match these invitations to your colour theme but you can be 100% exact. The price for these London wedding invitations start from just £2.25 per invitation. Read the rest of this entry »

How To Write Your Wedding Thank You Cards

Monday, April 4th, 2016

If we could give you one piece of wedding stationery advice? Don’t forget to send your wedding thank you cards! Now, the tough part – how do you write them? It may seem like a simple task but many brides and grooms get confused about what you should say to be polite for each type of gift you may or may not have been given. So below we have some top tips and advice for you!


1. They gave you money

If a guest has given you money be sure to not mention the exact amount but do describe how you plan to use the cash. For example…

Dear Auntie Jane and Uncle Simon,
Daniel and I were thrilled with your generous and thoughtful gift. We will put it towards our honeymoon and be sure to think of you when we are sipping Mojitos in Hawaii. Looking forward to seeing you again when we’re home!
Sarah and Daniel

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7 Ways To Save Money on Your Wedding Stationery

Friday, March 4th, 2016

Of course as wedding stationers we love seeing a couple order every wedding stationery item under the sun BUT we know that weddings are very expensive and sometimes saving money on your wedding stationery is a must. So, as the professionals we are here to help advise you on how best to save money on your wedding stationery. Aren’t we just lovely?

millie menu card

Photography by Georgi Mabee – Ivy Ellens Millie Menu Card

So first things first, yes there are couples who completely DIY their wedding stationery but we do feel that you can still save money on your wedding stationery by having it done proffessionaly or at least mostly done! So here are our top tips…

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