The DIY Wedding Invitation Workshop – NWS2016

As you may remember a few weeks ago (feels like just yesterday) Ivy Ellen exhibited at The National Wedding Show in London. We had so much fun while we were there, especially because of our new DIY wedding invitation workshop. We were thrilled to be asked to host a DIY workshop each morning of the show – so we thought what better than how to make the perfect wedding invitations? See below for all the pics and details!

dig-brides DIY Wedding Invitation

The DIY workshop area was beautifully decorated by the team at Shropshire Petals with plenty of room for all you lovely brides and grooms to come and learn. Team members Gloria and Stephanie hosted each tutorial and loved meeting everyone. We included three different DIY lessons into one session – all of which are super handy for making your own DIY wedding invitation set.

The first lesson was how to jewel your DIY wedding invitations. We have a huge range of wedding invitations that come with genuine Swarovski jewels. They look glamorous but unfortunately can be a little pricier! Therefore we like to offer our brides and grooms the option to DIY the jewels and save a few pennies.

gloria-with-bride-and-groom DIY Wedding Invitation

Next up was how to tie the perfect bow on your DIY wedding invitation. Here at Ivy Ellen we like to consider ourselves pros at tying ribbons however it can look a little tricky if you are new to the craft world. Gloria and Stephanie sat down with everybody and showed them all the perfect tricks and tips on how to create that stunning bow on the front of an invite. Once learned this skill is also super handy for tying up bridesmaid dresses, wrapping and tying your bouquet etc.

ribbons DIY Wedding Invitation

Last but not least we have the belly band DIY wedding invitation. Unless requested each set of belly band invites from Ivy Ellen come as DIY. This keeps the cost low and they’re also really easy and fun to create. Once everyone had learned how to tie a bow the belly bands became super simple and everyone loved the end results!

steph-and-gloria DIY Wedding Invitation

If you feel a little blue that you missed the workshop then don’t worry! We will definitely be hoping to do it again next year! We also have a Youtube channel with plenty of fun DIY wedding invitation videos!

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