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Choosing your wedding day colour scheme can be one of the trickiest decisions you’ll make throughout the planning of your big day. Often brides will simply go for a colour they like and work from there but what do these colours really represent? One of the best ways to bring your colour scheme into the wedding is through your choice of colourful wedding invitations. Here at Ivy Ellen we have have over 192 colours to choose from but do you know what your chosen colour is saying about you? See our top picks below and the secret meanings behind them…

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White Wedding Invitations

Okay so we’ll start with perhaps the least daring of our colourful wedding invitations, white. Some may argue that it technically isn’t a colour but all the same we have included it! Shimmer is our brightest white wedding invitation, perfect for a traditional or modern day. White is of course symbolic of purity, innocence and fresh beginnings. People who are attracted to the colour are said to be honest, stubborn and occasionally shy. From just £2.90 we love our Shimmer wedding invitation and hope you do too!


OK so technically these aren’t the most colourful wedding invitations either but they are SO popular we just felt like we should include them! Both Ivory and Champgane are actually colour variations of white and will very often represent the same things: purity, peace and innocence. Ivory has become the staple colour for weddings used both on its own for a clean and modern look or with bolder colours as a neutral base. We have chosen our ever popular Fairytale wedding invitation for this look, I’m sure you can tell why! Created using luxury embossed 310gsm ivory board, supplied with coordinating 120gsm pearlescent envelopes and Ivory satin ribbon included as standard (though you can change this to any of our 40 colours). From £2.75

Yellow Wedding Invitations

Oh we do love bright and cheery colourful wedding invitations such as yellow! This wonderful colour is often associated with happiness, optimism and of course spring/summer. Yellow is seen to be a very imaginative colour and can work in so many different ways for your big day decoration. Either go bold and bright or pastel and cutesy. One of our most popular colourful wedding invitations is our Paisley design in Sunshine Yellow – often used for traditional Indian weddings this invite is not one to shy away from.  A heavy paisley pattern printed onto a bright colour board with your choice of ribbon colour, starting from only £2.95

Orange Wedding Invitations

Orange is a brilliant colour for Autumn weddings paired with browns and golds or try coupling it with bright popping colours such as turquoise and pink for a spring boho look. Orange represents youthfulness, enthusiasm and warmth – while people who like the colour are generally considered as impulsive and good-natured people. Found in nature this colour can work really well for your flowers, decoration and of course some colourful wedding invitations. We love our Vina Wedding Invitation in Orange, printed on 300gsm heavyweight finest quality pearlescent ivory board and supplied with 120gsm coordinating pearlescent envelopes. Vina is among many of our designs that are colour changeable with over 192 different colour choices, this is a great option for narrowing down your exact shade .

Red Wedding Invitations

Dramatic, bold and daring – we love a good red wedding colour scheme. Red is a colour packed full of passion, love and romance which are of course perfect for your upcoming nuptials. Red is also a colour that you can pair with others to create alternative looks. For example red combined with pink, turquoise and gold gives off a really summery and bright vibe full of life and colour, creating a fun and modern approach to wedding themes. While red and black create a dramatic almost Gothic look, perfect for any alternative brides. We have two colourful wedding invitations for this colour scheme that use Red in very different ways, up first is one of our newest belly band designs, Constance. Created from an original artwork by award winning designer Jo Corner, a great way to tie in other colours such as turquoise would be through the luxury satin ribbon and text colours. From £1.95

For a polar opposite ‘Red’ look we have chosen Brighton, the shutterfold style invitation is luxurious but budget friendly at only £2.95 and is truly an invite for the bold!

Pink Wedding Invitations

An ever-popular wedding colour choice is Pink, embodying representations of beauty, love and femininity. People who tend to like pink are often those who like to feel loved and secure. Pale pinks are sweet and delicate, perfect for spring weddings and look wonderful in traditional settings such as churches. Hot pinks are more courageous and can work in almost any season colour palette. For example fuchsia and grey or fuchsia and black for a really bold look. One of our most popular colourful wedding invitations that uses every pink hue imaginable is Rosa. This super fun and feminine design is bursting full of colour, each belly band also comes with a band, ribbon and personalised tag – great for added texture and for holding extra inserts such as RSVP cards and information inserts. Starting from £1.95 with the band and only £1.20 without.

Purple Wedding Invitations

The colour of royalty, or so it is said. Purple is associated with mystery, glamour and authority – all making for an oh-so chic wedding colour scheme. They say that people who like purple tend to be witty, artistic and dignified. We think Purple is a fantastic colour for some truly colourful wedding invitations (of course) along with so many choices for decorations and wedding attire. We’re imagining rich purple bridesmaids dresses and deep plum coloured tulips, pair that with some stunning On the Day wedding stationery and you’re big day will truly be worthy of the royal colour palette. Our suggestion for a purple wedding invitation is our very own Chartula laser cut Fleur Heart invitation for £4.00 in Amethyst. We love the delicate laser cut detailing and soft ivory ribbon. The design also comes in 6 other colours including a pale violet for those wanting a more subtle purple tone.

Blue Wedding Invitations

Having a pale blue wedding colour scheme can connote ideas of spirituality, peace and tranquillity. However a royal or navy blue is often used as a chic alternative to black and creates a much richer and more formal look. Research suggest that personalities who like blue tend be faithful which obviously is good news for getting married! Our personal favourite for blue is a bright sky blue combined with aqua’s – much like our Asterias belly band wedding invitation. We love the idea of pairing this with a bright coral red for a modern beach theme. Asterias is another of our colourful wedding invitations that includes a belly band, using a fun blue and white striped twine and hand-painted starfish effect watercolour design. From only £1.95 you can also purchase ont he day stationery and thank you cards.

Green Wedding Invitations

Current trends show that using fresh greens in your wedding colour palette is like a breath of fresh air, it is associated with hope, renewal, peace and harmony. The increasing volume of eco-friendly weddings makes green the perfect colour choice for a nature filled environmentally-concious big day. Green represents a new life and positive energy which are sure to be a great focus point for your upcoming nuptials. We love combining soft greens with pink hues to create a spring fresh vibe however this fresh fern design is a winner when it comes to colourful wedding invitations. One of our previous real life wedding couples, Judy and David, chose our Maiden belly band wedding invitation for their eco-friendly day at the stunning Pines Calyx in Kent. The Maiden wedding invitation starts from £1.95 for the belly band.

Brown Wedding Invitations

Research says that personalities who like the colour brown are usually steady, reliable, kind and warm-hearted – in other words, perfect marriage material! The colour represents a connection with natural earth and is associated with Autumn. We love mixing bright and fresh colours with rich earthy tones to create a contrasting colour combination. For example our Claude belly band invite utilizes a dark brown driftwood effect with bright and crisp aqua tones as an accent.

We also have our Hedgerow invitation which uses a similar driftwood background but uses fresh whites and olive greens to create a woodland garden look, perfect for rustic weddings.

Grey Wedding Invitations

The colour of maturity, security and modern understated chic. Grey is the perfect colour as a sleek alternative to black or white while also working beautifully as an accent. Grey has become the new cream, a neutral colour that reduces the intensity of others around it creating a calm colour palette. For this we have chosen Taj from our array of colourful wedding invitations, Taj is available in 192 different colours and exactly 6 different shades of grey. From only £3.30 this invite is also embellished with genuine swarovski crystals.

Black Wedding Invitations

The colour of power, control and prestige. Black is sophisticated and creates a very elegant wedding colour theme however black as a colour can be feared by others and should therefore usually be paired with a lighter colour. We adore our Stardream Black wedding invitation – creating a dramatic and powerful look for both alternative and traditional brides alike. Pair with a bright ribbon for a quirky look or cream for more traditional. Starting from only £2.55.

Gold Wedding Invitations

Gold. Glamour. Sparkle and spritz. Gold is a symbol of wealth and good health – it can also connote relaxation and the enjoyment of life. perfect for your big day! Gold wedding invitations look amazing with softer colours such as blush pinks and duck egg blues. Use gold accents to create a luxurious wedding day look, for example gold spray painted vases or gold glitter confetti. Of course we think a pick from our choice of colourful wedding invitations would be perfect too – for example our Gold Dust invitation. Subtly elegant and starting from only £2.90

Silver Wedding Invitations

If you’re looking for a sleek, modern and cool wedding colour scheme then silver is the colour for you. Silver has a calming effect, great for any last minute nerves or big speeches! They say that people who like Silver are responsible, organized and have a distinguished character. Silver also works fab with so many colours, whether its paired with classic black for understated elegance or a bold red for a touch of colour. A perfect choice for this silver look is our new Cantoni belly band wedding invitation with soft silver and grey tones contrasting to the bright red, hand painted rose. Cantoni starts from £1.95 for the belly band and just £1.20 without.

Multi-Colour Wedding Invitations

And for the finalé the best of our colourful wedding invitations – multi coloured! Now we couldn’t find any research on this one so we have just got with our gut instinct – if you’re heading for a multi coloured wedding we believe you to be fun, spontaneous and probably quite alternative. You need to be daring to go for this colour scheme and have the confidence to pull it off, much like our Splash belly band wedding invite. The bright bursts of various colours is playful and will definitely stand out on your big day. From only £1.95

Don’t forget that all of our invitations are customisable and we can work with you on the design to ensure you are happy with how your colourful wedding invitations look! Whether you’re looking to change the font, text, colour or even add some extra pieces to the design simply drop us an email to or call us on 0203 034 1200 for a custom quote.


You can see more examples of our custom work on the blog, our Facebook Page and Instagram pages. You can also get some great tips on here for other wedding planning essentials and more wedding invitation inspiration – hope to see you on there soon!


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