The Unexpected Wedding Budget Items

October 20th, 2016 by Ivy Ellen Tags:
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When thinking about your wedding budget most people will focus on a  few main things; the dress, the photographer, the venue, the food and the entertainment. These are of course very important, however we have found that it tends to be the little unexpected wedding budget items that add up the grand total! So today we have our wonderful Sussex Bride here with us to tell us all about her unexpected wedding budget items and how she managed to keep on track leading up to the big day (which is only 16 days away by the way!!)

BRIDE AND GROOM Unexpected Wedding Budget

Hi everyone – so as you know I am tying the knot in just 16 days! My future husband and I set the initial budget back in December 2015 and we are actually very proud of how we have managed it all. However, there have been quite a few unexpected wedding budget changes that needed to be factored in. So I’m going to run through each change we have had to make so far and maybe it will help you when making your budget!

engagemet shoot Unexpected Wedding Budget

Although I managed to bag three bridesmaid dresses in the sale for £30 each (within budget) one of them needed altering due to fit and one due to the fact my bridesmaid found out she was pregnant! The alterations in total cost me £80 – bringing the total for the dresses up to £170 (not within budget).


We orginally decided on a buttonhole for the groom, three groomsmen and my dad. However after having a think we realised that my fiancés’ father should have one, and therefore so should his step father, meaning so should mine etc. We ended up going from 5 buttonholes to 9 which added an extra £20 onto the florists bill.


I originally did not budget for my makeup at all, we didn’t have enough room in the budget so I figured I would do it myself. After doing a few trial runs I very quickly realised all the extra pieces I needed to buy. For example a better foundation, a new eyeshadow palette, a matching lipstick etc. In total the new make up products came to around £40. This is still WAY cheaper than an MUA but was definetely an unexpected wedding budget change.


We orginally had a family friend giving my Dad and I a lift to the ceremony in her vintage Beetle however she has ended up with some electrical issues and won’t be able to. Therefore we have had to ask someone else we know, who is charging. It is a small very discounted rate but it is still an unexpected wedding budget cost £50.

just amrried Unexpected Wedding Budget

As you can see in total so far we have had an extra £190 added onto our wedding budget – my advice would simply be to add an additional £200-£300 onto your budget to cater for these unexpected moments. If you end up not having any then it can go towards your honeymoon! Happy planning!


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