Wedding Day Decorations with Giant Letter Company

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There is a huge variety of wedding day decorations available to all you lovely brides and grooms – however these really set the bar! Today we have the wonderful Ashleigh & Ryan from Giant Letter Company to talk all about their giant light up letters and why you should have them for your big day (spoiler: because the look amazing that’s why!)

LOVE 2 Wedding Day Decorations

First let’s have a little background information about Giant Letter Company….

The Giant Letter Company started in July 2015, as part of a University project which was then brought to life. Ryan had always wanted to run his own business and so used this as a great opportunity to begin. Soon after, Ashleigh was introduced into the mix to help with behind the scenes work, whilst Ryan moved over to designing the products. The props are hand-made and can be customised to suit your individual style; they can also create original products from scratch! They are based in Brighton, East Sussex (one of the best towns ever we may add) but can deliver nationwide.

Why should brides and grooms consider Giant Letter Compnay for their wedding day decorations?

Giant lights have become a huge new trend for weddings across the UK. Not only do they look amazing on the dancefloor, they are the perfect backdrop for wedding photographs and also create a warm, unique ambience. As Ryan crafts our lights himself, we are able to offer the greatest variety possible – ranging from letters to numbers, symbols, shapes, and also customising colours of the lights as well as bulbs.

LOVE Wedding Day Decorations

Is it just weddings you cater for or do you hire for other events too? What has been your favourite event?

In addition to weddings we also cater for birthdays, corporate events and parties! We have had many bookings for numbers such as ’30’ and ’21’, as well as ‘DANCE’ lights, and even one lucky lady’s name in lights at her 21st birthday party which featured the lights spelling out ‘LUCY LAND’ – quite possibly our favourite event so far, with the whole party themed around several ideas such as Harry Potter, Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland to create Lucy Land.

LUCY LAND Wedding Day Decorations

How much are the letters to hire out and how long do couples have them for?

Our prices greatly range depending on the lights required, as some events require set wording whilst others have extras added on. Our popular LOVE lights are £219 to hire, whilst our DANCE lights are £250, and MR & MRS are £300. Quotes are available for any idea. Generally, the hire period lasts for 24-48 hours but this can be scheduled to fit the special day. Some of our hires have been known to last several days.

DANCE Wedding Day Decorations

Thank you so much to Ashleigh and Ryan for your answers!

For more information or to book some of these fabulous light up letters for your wedding day decorations please visit: Giant Letter Company

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