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Today we have the lovely Izabella from The Blossom Company here with us to discuss wedding flower displays. I met Izabella whilst blogging at The National Wedding Show back in February. I of course fell in LOVE with the stunning floral arch on display! So much so that I felt the need to share it with all you wonderful brides and grooms. So I conducted a quick interview about The Blossom Company, and here are the results…

floral arch - wedding flower displays

What is your favourite piece that you have created for a wedding?

That would definitely have to be the Marie Antoinette floral arch, it is just such an extreme statement piece to have for your wedding day, and it is very unique. I believe it’s really beautiful and adds that extra glamour to the big day.

The floral arch starts from around £500 to hire however this can vary if you are ordering a larger or smaller package deal. You can also ask for different colour or varieties of flower to match your wedding day theme/look.

What has been the most popular wedding flower displays/style and colours in 2016?

White is probably the most popular colour choice, often paired with soft pinks or peaches but mostly just classic white. I have had so many requests for white and cream floral walls or arches. Centrepieces are always the most popular piece to get hired. Everyone needs something to decorate the centre of their tables at the reception. Alongside that is very often a floral arch or flower wall, again to create a statement.

white wedding - wedding flower displays

What trends do you see coming through for 2017 weddings?

The classic white wedding looks set to continue for 2017, very delicate floral pieces are in right now. I have had a lot of requests for blossom trees and smaller more dainty flowers rather than large and bold floral pieces. The overall theme looks to be very romantic, soft and ethereal.


Why do you think that a bride and groom should work these wedding flower displays into their budget?

Obviously everyone has different price ranges and you do have to work with your budget and not overspend. However I feel you really have to match your centrepieces and flowers etc. to your type of venue. If you are paying to have a large and stunning country house wedding then you should consider having enough pieces to decorate this house accordingly.

We really try to provide these wonderful statement pieces at an affordable budget. If you have a real flower arch it will cost thousands of pounds whereas we can provide this realistic looking one for £450-£850 depending on the package you take. By having one of these statement pieces you are having that little bit of Hollywood ‘instagram worthy’ weddings but at a fraction of the price. They really provide the wow factor and you can look back at your wedding photographs for years to come and they will look stunning!

wedding day - wedding flower displays

What is your top tip for brides and groom when choosing a style for their wedding?

I think you really have to take a look at your venue first as well as your budget. For example this floral arch would not be suitable for every venue. Likewise there are many venues that invite these fabulous pieces into their surroundings. I have a client who is getting married in a wonderful garden setting and she wanted some of these extra bold wedding flower displays to bring it all together. Think about what organically works with the venue, your own style and of course your budget.


What is your number one top tip for brides and grooms when wedding planning?

Give yourself plenty of time and do your research I think. Budget wisely, make sure you aren’t hit with big bills all at once and becoming overwhelmed. It will be hard to enjoy the process if you are rushed and panicked!

white wedding 2 - wedding flower displays

Thank you so much to Izabella for her wondeful answers andletting us learn more about The Blossom Company.

Don’t forget to check out her website:  The Blossom Company


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