Wedding Thank You Card Etiquette

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Today we’re discussing wedding thank you card etiquette! We have made a brand new video for dedicated to this subject in our series of Youtube vlogs for wedding planning and advice, however we thought youmight also like to read all about it too.

Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life and part of what makes that day so special is being able to share it with your friends and family. Sending a wedding thank you card is a personal and proper way to thank your guests for not only their attendance but also their generosity in the gifts they give you.  So here are some pointers…

Be personal – Your guests would have put a lot of thought into your gift and how they presented themselves on the day. So make sure that you return the favour by mentioning how much you loved seeing them on the day and thank them specifically for their gift.

Send ASAP – Make sure you send yourguest their  wedding thank you card as soon as possible. Settling down as a newlyweds can be a busy time but it will make your guests feels really appreciated if you can send them within 2 months of the big day.

Be organised – To meet this two month deadline you’re going to have to be. We suggest that you order your wedding thank you cards before the big day. Most good stationers will dispatch within two weeks, here at Ivy Ellen it’s 10 days.

Give them details – Guest really love to know where you’re going on honeymoon, if you’ve got plans after the wedding. Are you building a new home together? Make sure you tell them!

Do not miss anyone out – A good tip is to keep hold of your guest list you used when arranging your wedding invitations. This will prevent you from missing anyone. When you are opening your gifts it is a good idea to keep a written note of who sent what so that you can be specific when writing a wedding thank you card. Of course as a supplier it’s always nice to receive a thank you card if you really feel like they went the extra mile for you!

Okay, I think that’s all my tips for sending out your wedding thank you cards. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel ( ivyellenstationery ) for more wedding planning tips, advice and DIY ideas.

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