Wedding Stationery: What Do I Need & Why Do I Need It?

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So as a bride-to-be myself before I started working for a wedding stationers I simply had no clue. If, like I was, you are a little lost on the wedding stationery front then don’t panic. Here I am going to share with you each wedding stationery item you could or will need and give a breakdown of why you need it! Not everyone wants all the available wedding stationery and many only go for invitations however I may be biased in saying that it all looks great together! Below you will find coordinating images with an explanation – hopefully this will help with the confusion! Though don’t forget you can always email us if you’re still a little lost –

1. Save the Date

So basically a Save the Date does what it says on the tin – or card rather. A save the date card is sent out earlier than your actual wedding invitations and lets your guests know the date that they need to save. Very simple really. A save the date is well worth it if you are having your wedding abroad or at peak season. For example you may have sorted the date but not the specifics, sending a save the date means that your guests don’t double book! A save the date for a wedding abroad also gives the family time to save up and time to book cheaper flights. We suggest a save the date is sent around 12 months in advance however the earlier the better really. You can see all of our save the dates online. 

2. Wedding Invitation

Ivy Ellen suggest you send your wedding invitations 3-6 months ahead of your wedding, this is also the same for the evening invitations. Your wedding invitation should reflect the feel of your wedding and give guests an impression of the day. For example a very formal invitation suggests a formal wedding whereas a fun and modern invitation may suggest a more relaxed day. I myself will be having a fairly fun invitation with relaxed wording, this shows my guests that the wedding is not going to be overly traditional. You will need the names of the couple to be wed, the hosts (be it yourselves or parents), wedding date, time to arrive, location and RSVP date. All of our wedding invitations are online. 

3. RSVP Card

Your RSVP card is of course sent along with your invitation. Although some people choose to simply place their email on the invitation, an RSVP card is more traditional and reminds people to reply! On your RSVP card you should allow room for names/numbers of people attending or declining. You can also have menu choices, song requests and dietary requirements. Each design at Ivy Ellen has it’s own coordinating RSVP card, this also comes with its own envelope. Check out all of our RSVP cards online now.

4. Information Insert

An information insert is not essential however many people find it very helpful. An information insert sits alongside your main invitation but holds all the extra little details. The most common choices of information to include on an insert is; accommodation, gift list, directions, travel options and small notes such as ‘cash only bar’. Most information inserts are plain with text however some of Ivy Ellen’s new designs are available in matching designs. Information inserts work perfectly with belly band invitations and look great.

5. Menu Cards

Menu Cards are also optional however a very nice thought for on the day and also very practical. I’m sure, like me, you have attended a wedding in the past and completely forgotten what the menu actually was. Having a menu card on each table or between a couple not only is helpful but also helps to dress the table. We suggest you order your menu cards as soon as your menu choices are finalised but it is also worth checking with your venue as menu cards can be provided as part of your package. All our Menu cards online are easy to order.

6. Order of Service

Traditionally order of service books are meant for church weddings. They usually contain a full run down of the ceremony including hymns, prayers and readings. These usually need to be checked through with the vicar or person conducting the ceremony. However you can also have an order of service as an order of the day. This is popular for long weekend weddings, weddings abroad or even just as a nice way to remind your guests when your first dance is. We also suggest you order these as soon as your service is confirmed as the proofing proces can often take a little longer. We have a large range of order of services online.

7. Table Numbers

Table numbers are very practical but also look good! You can also change these to table names and have some fun with naming your tables. For example I am keen on having each table named after a different Audrey Hepburn film or even Friends episodes – the one with the cheesecake! You then coordinate these with the Table Plan and the place cards. Your guests will look at your table plan, see their table name/number and then locate their seat with their place card. These can be left a little later, although if you know your names/number of tables it best to get them ordered asap to prevent last minute stressing! You can see all our lovely table numbers online.

8. Place Cards

As above, place cards are for a formal seating plan for your guests and enable guests to find their seat at the reception. Most people choose to do this to make it is easier than everyone scrambling to sit next each other (or maybe you want to keep some guests apart!). Place cards can come printed or handwritten with guests names or blank. A great idea, if you have the time, is to also write your guests menu choices in brief on the inside of their place card. For example Kathy – and then on the inside… Prawn, Chicken & Crumble. This is another handy reminder for your guests and stops anyone saying ‘I didn’t order that’ to the poor confused waitress. Why not check out our place cards online.

9. Table Plan

Table Plans are not only VERY practical but can look stunning! At Ivy Ellen we offer to create a full table plan including a beautiful swept frame for just £145.00 however you can also order just the table plan cards and then get creative at home. For example you could string them along twine or place them in a floral arrangement. Simply look up table plan on Pinterest and the ideas are plentiful! We have a large range of table plans online.

10. Thank You Cards

VERY important – do not forget your thank you cards! We suggest you order these at the same time as your invitations or at least once you have all of your RSVP’S back. Thanking your guests is a big part of your after wedding activities and should be done within a maximum of three weeks after the wedding. A great tip is to write a list when opening your presents/cards from guests and keep note of who gave what. This way when writing your thank you cards you can be personal and thank them individually. Ivy Ellen also offer photo thank you cards, either send in a photo before hand or a photo from your big day asap and have some truly personal thank you cards. See our full range of thank you cards.

11. Decorations

Now you may not think of wedding stationery when decorating your venue but how wrong you would be! Not only does your table plan, menu, table and place cards help with your ‘look’ but you can also add extras. For example Ivy Ellen currently offer 6 designs of mini bunting. However if you see a design on our website and want that, then simply pop us an email and I am sure we will work it out for you! You can also order extra items such as ‘CARDS’ signs, if you want specific items printed such as signs or a guest book cover then all you have to do is ask… See our bunting online.

 12. Favour Boxes

And last but not least – favour boxes! Many people choose fun favours to give to their guests as a small on the day thank you for attending. Many of these include edible items such as sugared almonds or sweets. A favour box is a great way of presenting these favours in a neat, practical and pretty way! All our favour boxes are available online to order.


In the hope that you are now a little more enlightened into what exactly the term ‘wedding stationery’ covers – here is the link to ours! –

Steph x


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