Personalised Love Letter Necklace (Gold)

A beautiful handmade necklace with the option of a personalised love letter inside the envelope locket.

You can choose any personalised message and the necklace will be custom made for you.

This necklace features a 24k gold plated envelope locket with a lovely textured surface. There is a bird charm delivering the envelope. The locket opens and inside there is a little wooden insert which is removable. You can choose from one of our 3 messages or to have your choice of words etched onto it. You can include a personalised message on the back as well. We are able to create the message in any language and can also put a heart ♥ symbol on your message - please just write (heart symbol) where you would like the heart. Please note that this is made from wood so each design may vary slightly.

The locket and bird have a very thick layer of 24k gold plating on them. They are attached to a 14K gold filled chain with a 14K gold filled clasp. The wooden insert is made of a thin piece of wood. They are safe for most people with sensitive skin.

The envelope locket measures 3.2cm x 2cm and the total length of the necklace (including the envelope locket and bird) is 18 inches.

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