Real Life Weddings: Amy & Mark’s Military Wedding

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Amy & Mark married in October 2017, with a relaxed wedding day with hints of the military creeping in! Both their ceremony and reception were held at the gorgeous Pelham House, in the historic town of Lewes, East Sussex. Amy recalls her wedding highlights and top wedding tips with Ivy Ellen…

Bride & Groom - Military Wedding

Did you have a theme in mind for your wedding day, and how was this achieved?


We didn’t have a theme as such, we both wanted it to be personal to us. It was important to me that Mark was in his uniform as the military is a big part of our lives and relationship, but other than that and cutting our cake with a sword, they were the only military wedding traditions we had. Again with the colours and flowers I didn’t want to get stressed with a colour theme where everything matched meticulously, so we went for dusky pink and cream in the flowers, bridesmaid dresses and flowers and were able to match other decorations etc in a similar tone. Another personal touch was the rabbit stationary, we have 2 pet rabbits so we thought this was really cute and fun. Read the rest of this entry »

Real Life Weddings: Steffi & Peter’s London Wedding

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Steffi and Peter married in June 2017 with a gloriously colourful London wedding. Although living in Switzerland, they chose the city in which they met, London, to say their “I Do’s”. For the scene of the celebrations Steffi and Peter chose the Swan, part of London’s iconic Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on the bank of the Thames. Today Steffi chats all things wedding with us and shares her top wedding tips!

London Wedding Confetti

First things first, who proposed and how?

I always had told Peter that I don’t want the proposal to be a public affair. And guess what he choose? He proposed at his favourite meeting point at the main station in Zurich, during rush hour! I think I’ve never responded to a question that quickly and he was back on his feet in a blink, but it was lovely. Read the rest of this entry »

Real Life Weddings – Elizabeth & Tom’s Multicoloured Wedding

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This week we’re excited to share with you the bright and multicoloured wedding of Elizabeth & Tom! Back in July 2017 Liz and Tom tied the knot at the beautiful Gaynes Park in Essex. Liz recalls her memories from the day and top tips for brides to be with us

Liz & Tom Multicoloured Wedding Cake

How did you meet and who proposed?

We met on a teacher training course…although Tom quit a week after we met! Tom insists I stalked him but that certainly is not true! Tom proposed to me shortly after we bought our first house together in a very empty and dusty kitchen!

Did you have a look or theme in mind for your wedding day, and how was this achieved?

Liz & Tom Multicoloured Wedding Lanterns

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Why You Should Hire A Wedding Day Toastmaster

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During your wedding planning you may have heard the term ‘wedding day toastmaster’ a few times and wandered, what is that and do I need one? Well, we met a wonderful group of toastmasters at the National Wedding Show back in February and decided to investigate for you. So today we have a member from the Guild of International Professional Toastmasters here with us to explain….

GOITM - wedding day toastmaster

What is a toastmaster, or more specifically a wedding day toastmaster?

A toastmaster is somebody who adds a little touch of formality to your wedding day. We help to assist with the smooth running of the day, we take away any pressure from the bride/groom or whoever may be organising it on the day. We liaise with the venue and suppliers and overall make sure that the happy couple are not worried about anything on their special day. Of course we also add touch of elegance and class, our outfits ensure that!

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Why You Should Choose Artificial Wedding Flowers

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Have you considered artificial wedding flowers? According to the most recent Brides magazine the average bride and groom will spend £638 on their wedding flowers. That is £638 on a part of your wedding day that will wilt and die within a few days after the event! We met Rachel from Budding Sensations at the National Wedding Show in February and got her top tips and advice on why you should think about artificial wedding flowers instead…

budding sesations - artificial wedding flowers

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5 Totally Stunning Alternative Wedding Dresses

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Long gone are the days when alternative wedding dresses were snubbed by industry. In todays society many brides are choosing to embrace the more unique look for their special day. Choosing your dream wedding dress is all about what you want – whether that be a classic white wedding dress or a colourful and modern two piece. So we took on the task of finding 5 unique alternative wedding dresses (well actually 3 dresses…) to help give you a little inspiration. We won’t lie it was also really fun to look at so much prettiness all afternoon!

alternative wedding dresses - chotronette

This dress is the stuff fairytale dreams are made of! The intricate embroidery detailing on both front and back of the dress will seriously wow your wedding guests. The mix of soft and bold colours create such a beautiful mix of fairytale and modern wedding. Chotronette create some of the most amazing non-traditional wedding dresses we have ever seen. Plus they are SO affordable it really is quite unbelievable. The designers Silvia and Laura, based in Romania make these stunning dresses in their studio and ship them worldwide. Prices range from just £100-£850. Read the rest of this entry »

Sussex Bride: Reflecting On Our First Year Of Marriage

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Hello everyone! Today’s blog is all about reflecting on our first year of marriage. It’s been awhile since I last checked in properly and I am sorry for that! I have still been here blogging away for Ivy Ellen but took a step back after the wedding as Sussex Bride, I guess now I should be called Sussex Wife? As you may well remember my husband and I tied the knot back in November last year. Meaning we will soon be making plans to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary – boy how time has flown!

sussex bride - first year of marriage

First Year of Marriage

I remember our wedding day like it was yesterday, and each time I do I still get that warm fuzzy feeling of a newlywed. I hope that doesn’t ever stop! However today I wanted to chat a little bit about what we have been up to since the wedding and whether or not anything has actually changed being a married couple…

first year of marriage

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7 Top Tips for Doing Your Own Wedding Day Makeup

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Doing your own wedding day makeup can seem duanting – but today we have our Sussex Bride (now Sussex Wife) with us to talk about her experience and give you some top tips. We all know that wedding planning is a very expensive time. Some brides simply don’t have the budget to spend alot of money on a makeup artist. However, with a little bit of advice and some practise you’ll feel confident enough in your own makeup skills to look a million bucks on the big day!

Wedding Day Makeup - bride

Photography courtesy of: Georgi Mabee

So, over to Sussex Bride….

Okay let me just start by saying I am not a professional makeup artist. I have never had any kind of training, however, I have had alot of practise over the years and am some what of a makeup enthusiast. Asking for beauty products for every birthday and Christmas has built me a good collection of products, I also save up and buy good quality makeup products regularly. Spending FAR too many hours watching beauty vloggers means that I and am always learning new skills. My wedding was done on a small budget and therefore one of the things that I couldn’t afford was a proper makeup artist. I therefore decided to do my own wedding makeup and have a few tips and tricks which might help you along the way 🙂 Read the rest of this entry »

5 Ideas For Your Wedding Dress After The Big Day

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In the midst of this busy wedding planning have you thought about what you are going to do with your wedding dress after the big day? Some brides spend £50, others spend £5000, but after the wedding day has come and gone – what do you do with the gown? Today we have researched 5 different options for your to take a look at. Spoiler – our favourite is the 3rd and 4th option 🙂

Wedding Dress After The Big Day

One of the most popular options is of course storing your wedding dress. The best way to do this is to source a reputable company that will professionally store your wedding dress in the correct way. For example many dry cleaners offer to not only properly clean your wedding dress after the big day but also provide wedding dress storage boxes. These boxes should eliminate light, protect from accidents and be made from a breathable material lined with acid free tissue. This offers the safest long term storage and protects the dress from natural elements, preventing the loss of colour or “yellowing” over time. The price of this will vary from company to company but Connoisseurs Dry Cleaners in London usually charge around £150-£200. Read the rest of this entry »

How To Plan A Festival Themed Wedding Day

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In recent years you may have seen a festival themed wedding day pop up on your Pinterest or Facebook feed – they are becoming increasingly popular! It’s not hard to see why either, a fun atmosphere and a laid back wedding day – what more could you ask for?! Some festival themed wedding day ideas even include camping for the guests – others are more of a day festival. Either way we have found some great inspiration and ideas for you!

No festival themed wedding day is truly complete with fun games for your guests to play through the day or weekend! Many of these will be super easy to DIY however you can also hire all sorts of festival inspired games from various companies up and down the country!

festival themed wedding day - games

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