5 Ideas For Your Wedding Dress After The Big Day

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In the midst of this busy wedding planning have you thought about what you are going to do with your wedding dress after the big day? Some brides spend £50, others spend £5000, but after the wedding day has come and gone – what do you do with the gown? Today we have researched 5 different options for your to take a look at. Spoiler – our favourite is the 3rd and 4th option 🙂

Wedding Dress After The Big Day

One of the most popular options is of course storing your wedding dress. The best way to do this is to source a reputable company that will professionally store your wedding dress in the correct way. For example many dry cleaners offer to not only properly clean your wedding dress after the big day but also provide wedding dress storage boxes. These boxes should eliminate light, protect from accidents and be made from a breathable material lined with acid free tissue. This offers the safest long term storage and protects the dress from natural elements, preventing the loss of colour or “yellowing” over time. The price of this will vary from company to company but Connoisseurs Dry Cleaners in London usually charge around £150-£200.

Wedding Dress After The Big Day - dress

Another option is to sell your wedding dress. There are hundreds of brides who cannot afford to purchase a new gown so will often go looking for a pre-loved one. We would still recommend having it dry cleaned as this will allow you to charge a little more and the new owner will feel more happy with the overall quality and experience of buying second hand. There are a few wedding dress selling sites such as Bride2Bride however you can also sell via places like Ebay.

Wedding Dress After The Big Day - selling

If you don’t want to sell but would like to pass your dress on then you can also donate it. You can either donate to a charity shop for another bride to purchase or there several charities that actually recycle wedding dresses into other things. For example Cherished Gowns UK transforms wedding dresses into carefully crafted burial gowns for babies that are born too soon, too late or too poorly. These gowns are then donated to hospitals and parents around the UK completely free of charge.

Wedding Dress After The Big Day - cherished

If the thought of giving away or storing your beautiful wedding dress is too much to bear then why not make a stunning art piece out of it? The Beautiful Frame Company will clean, restore and preserve your wedding dress before delicately placing it inside your own chosen frame with museum grade UV protective glass to keep it forever protected. This is such a beautiful way of showcasing your wedding dress. Prices start from £600 depending on the materials chosen but what a piece to show your children and grandchildren!

Wedding Dress After The Big Day - framed

Last but not least – fancy being abit reckless? Letting go of all that wedding planning stress? Why not TRASH your wedding dress! Slowly increasing in popularity some brides are choosing to trash their wedding dress – either as a sign of devotion to their new husband/wife (the dress can never be worn again) or simply because it’s a fun excuse to let off some steam! Either way the photo’s really do look like some good fun…

Wedding Dress After The Big Day - trash


I hope this blog about what to do with your wedding dress after the big day has given you some ideas and inspirations!

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