Real Life Weddings: Steffi & Peter’s London Wedding

November 17th, 2017

Steffi and Peter married in June 2017 with a gloriously colourful London wedding. Although living in Switzerland, they chose the city in which they met, London, to say their “I Do’s”. For the scene of the celebrations Steffi and Peter chose the Swan, part of London’s iconic Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on the bank of the Thames. Today Steffi chats all things wedding with us and shares her top wedding tips!

London Wedding Confetti

First things first, who proposed and how?

I always had told Peter that I don’t want the proposal to be a public affair. And guess what he choose? He proposed at his favourite meeting point at the main station in Zurich, during rush hour! I think I’ve never responded to a question that quickly and he was back on his feet in a blink, but it was lovely. Read the rest of this entry »

Real Life Weddings – Elizabeth & Tom’s Multicoloured Wedding

November 3rd, 2017

This week we’re excited to share with you the bright and multicoloured wedding of Elizabeth & Tom! Back in July 2017 Liz and Tom tied the knot at the beautiful Gaynes Park in Essex. Liz recalls her memories from the day and top tips for brides to be with us

Liz & Tom Multicoloured Wedding Cake

How did you meet and who proposed?

We met on a teacher training course…although Tom quit a week after we met! Tom insists I stalked him but that certainly is not true! Tom proposed to me shortly after we bought our first house together in a very empty and dusty kitchen!

Did you have a look or theme in mind for your wedding day, and how was this achieved?

Liz & Tom Multicoloured Wedding Lanterns

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Lewis & Emma’s Relaxed Music Themed Wedding Day

July 5th, 2017

Today I have the wonderful privilege of posting a real life wedding blog for Ivy Ellen’s managing director Lewis and his music themed wedding day. Lewis and Emma tied the knot on the 27th May at the stunning location of Pangdean Barn in West Sussex. Of course many of the Ivy Ellen and Blue Eyed Sun team members attended the reception and loved celebrating with the newlyweds! Lewis and Emma chose to have a picturesque outdoor ceremony and their beautiful little boy, Jesse, stole everyones hearts as ring bearer. I asked the new Mrs Early a few questions about their big day and of course have shared some of their truly stunning photographs with you too…

ceremony family music themed wedding

Who proposed and how did they propose? How did you meet?

We’d actually known each other on and off through the years, but never very well. It wasn’t until I joined Lewis’ band in 2011 that we became really good friends. The timing wasn’t right back then though, and we eventually got our act together 4 years ago and things went pretty quickly from there! Lewis proposed in early 2015 – the first weekend we’d moved into our new home. It was a proper ‘Friends’ moment, I came home to a house filled with candles everywhere and a very romantic dinner, and it went from there. Perfect.

…We had just started planning the wedding when we discovered I was pregnant though, so plans got delayed a while! Read the rest of this entry »

RLW: Emma & Graham’s Stunning Winter Wonderland Wedding

April 6th, 2017

On the 11th December 2016 Emma & Graham tied the knot in a stunning winter wonderland wedding. Their very special day was held at The Manor House Hotel in Castle Combe, a beautiful location for such a momentous occasion. The bride and groom may have planned their winter wonderland wedding in just three months, but it was defintely worth it! Today we have Emma with us to chat about their big day and offer some tips too…

Who proposed? How did they propose?

I feel I might of taken the whole proposal thing away from Graham. I know he was going to do something and was waiting for the right moment to pop the question. Our relationship has never been a traditional one, very early on after meeting we went on an incredible ‘honeymoon’ type holiday to South America, soon after that our beautiful daughter arrived and then buying our dream home together. So it wasn’t unusual that we often talked about getting married it just seemed like the natural thing to do, question was when? I knew I wanted our venue as it was already very special to us so I rang to see when they had availability in the summer 2017 but of course a beautiful venue like that gets booked up years in advance! However chatting to the lovely Emma the wedding coordinator it came to light there was a special last minute seasonal offer, I immediately reserved it called Graham and said want to get married in three months? Next thing I know we’re  planning our wedding! Three weeks before the wedding Graham surprised me by whisking me away for a night to a very exclusive hotel just down the road from where we lived, he had arranged everything from a gorgeous suite to a pamper treatment for me. There were flowers waiting in our suite together with champagne he cracked open the bottle took me onto the balcony and got down on one knee and proposed. This close to the wedding he still had to do it all the traditional way! And that’s one of the reasons why I love him! Read the rest of this entry »

RLW: Teresa and Steve’s Winter Wedding Day

January 17th, 2017

In December of 2016 Teresa and Steve vowed to spend their lives together on a gorgeous winter wedding day in front of their closest family and friends. The ceremony and reception were held at the stunning venue of Stirrups Country House Hotel in Berkshire. A beautiful winter wedding day with a navy blue and silver colour theme. Today we have Teresa with us and she is letting us in some top wedding day tips plus some lovely pictures of the bride and groom…


Who proposed? How did they propose?

Steve proposed — he arranged a surprise holiday for my 40th Birthday to New York. He was planning to propose on a helicopter ride he had planned but it got postponed due to snow. He couldn’t delay the proposal as he had booked a personal shopper in Tiffany’s for that afternoon so he asked me walking through Central Park. I obviously said yes and we went to choose the ring which we then collected that afternoon. He then asked me again that evening at the top of the Empire State Building to which I said yes very quickly as it was freezing and I couldn’t wait to wear the ring.

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RLW: Our Sussex Bride’s Bonfire Night Wedding Day!

December 8th, 2016

As many of you know, our team member Stephanie tied the knot with Liam in a beautiful bonfire night wedding. Childhood sweethearts and together for seven years, they said their vows at the stunning Arundel Town Hall in West Sussex. All of of us here at Ivy Ellen then joined them along with family and friends for celebrations at The Charmandean, Worthing. Today we have the happy couple answering lots of questions and giving some top advice for all your lovely brides and grooms.


Who proposed and how did they propose? How did you meet?

We met seven years ago whilst at high school, through a mutual friend. We were complete opposites but fell in love instantly. Liam proposed to me five years later. We went for a late night walk down the seafront after dinner and he popped the question at the end of the pier in our hometown. It was a beautiful starry night and could not have been more perfect (even if I did laugh with nervousness and excitement before actually answering him). Our anniversary date is a little unsure but we usually celebrate on the 5th as this was the closest date we can remember – so it seemed only fitting g to have a bonfire night wedding really! Read the rest of this entry »

Real Life Weddings: Sarah & Matt’s Sussex Wedding

November 15th, 2016

Today we are sharing Sarah & Matt’s gorgeous Sussex wedding. Sarah and Matt tied the knot in July of 2016 at The Ravenswood in West Sussex. Here we have plenty of stunning photographs from the wonderful Jenny Rutterford Photography and some top tips and advice from the bride and groom themselves…

sarah-matt-wedding-sussex wedding

So, let’s start from the beginning…

How did you meet and how did Matt propose?

We first met at a friend’s birthday when we were 18, we met on various occasions over the following month before becoming a couple the weekend before Matt moved away to university for 3 years! Although being in separate cities for 3 years was difficult, we made it through and Matt eventually proposed after 9 years. We were on holiday in Cornwall and having a picnic dinner of fish and chips on Falmouth beach at sunset when Matt asked me to marry him (I’d been waiting long enough so of course I said yes!) Read the rest of this entry »

RLW: Charlotte and Henry’s Beautifully Timeless Wedding

October 28th, 2016

Today I am so excited to share with you the most elegant and timeless wedding with gorgeous photography and an even more gorgeous couple. Charlotte and Henry tied the knot on the 30th September 2016 at St Nicholas Church in Harpenden, followed by a stunning reception at St Michael’s Manor in St Albans. Here we have all the details and some top advice from Charlotte along with beautiful photography from Charlie Campey.

bride-and-groom timeless wedding

So, let’s start from the beginning…Who proposed and how did they propose? How did you meet?

I had been living in Dublin for 2.5 years and I had just moved back to London to start a new job. I was meeting a friend for dinner in Mayfair and we decided to go for a drink after dinner, we arrived at the bar and Henry was there with a friend of his. He had offered me his seat at the bar as there weren’t any seats available (I thought what a gentleman) and I had put my coat over his and continued to talk to my friend. Henry and I had talked a little at the bar that evening and as Henry was leaving he had to ask for his coat back (a smart move from him earlier that evening). I asked if he would stay for another drink and our lives changed from that evening. Read the rest of this entry »

Wendy and Andrew’s Gloucestershire Wedding

August 31st, 2016

On the 7th August, Wendy and Andrew said their vows in a wonderful Gloucestershire wedding, promising to spend their lives with one another. Wendy and Andrew met when they were just four years old at primary school. Having gone onto different high schools they fell out of touch over the years. Then, 39 years later after messaging each other on a friends reunited website they met up – and the rest as they say is history! Read all about their big day and see some beautiful pictures of the couple too…


Lets start at the beginning….

Who proposed and how did they propose?

He proposed – he took me to the spot where my family had sprinkled my dad’s ashes high on a hill overlooking Cheltenham and proposed there. He couldn’t ask my dad so that was the next best thing. It was perfect!  Read the rest of this entry »

Real Life Weddings: Janet & Glen’s Easter Themed Wedding

June 21st, 2016


On a lovely day in March of 2016 Janet and Glen vowed to spend their lives together, for better or for worse. Their beautifully intimate Easter themed wedding was held at the Manor Hotel in Solihull, a small gathering of close friends and family joined together for one very special day. Today we have Janet talking about her experience as a bride, some top tips and supplier advice 🙂

SIGN PAPERS Easter Themed Wedding

Who proposed and how? How did you both meet?

Glen proposed to me on Valentine’s Day 2015, after cooking his first Valentine’s dinner for me. We kept it a secret for a month, picked the ring which Glen then gave me on a night out for our 15th anniversary, I wasn’t expecting the ring to arrive for another week so it was a wonderful surprise.

We met in March 2000 in Los Angeles of all places. Glen’s from Berkshire and I’m from the West Midlands and we had both decided to go alone on a sightseeing trip to America. We travelled to LA, Palm Springs, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and San Francisco and by the time we returned home that was it. By the end of the year Glen moved up to be with me and 15 years, a dog, 2 houses and 2 kids later we decided to make things official. Read the rest of this entry »