Sussex Bride: Reflecting On Our First Year Of Marriage

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Hello everyone! Today’s blog is all about reflecting on our first year of marriage. It’s been awhile since I last checked in properly and I am sorry for that! I have still been here blogging away for Ivy Ellen but took a step back after the wedding as Sussex Bride, I guess now I should be called Sussex Wife? As you may well remember my husband and I tied the knot back in November last year. Meaning we will soon be making plans to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary – boy how time has flown!

sussex bride - first year of marriage

First Year of Marriage

I remember our wedding day like it was yesterday, and each time I do I still get that warm fuzzy feeling of a newlywed. I hope that doesn’t ever stop! However today I wanted to chat a little bit about what we have been up to since the wedding and whether or not anything has actually changed being a married couple…

first year of marriage

Okay so the number one thing that changed in our first year of marriage? Every single person in our family or friendship circle has asked us THAT question “So when can we expect children?”. Honestly, if I had a penny for every time I have been asked about grandchildren, I would be a VERY rich woman. Liam and I have discussed children and are both of the opinion that we want to wait at least another 5 years, ideally. We understand that sometimes life may have another plan for you. However we would both like to get sorted in our careers first. So my advice if you start getting these questions every five minutes? Simply be honest but firm with your answers, it is only YOUR decision not your families.

There is also a TON of paperwork in your first year of marriage. That is if you choose to take your partners surname. I mean ALOT of paperwork. I still haven’t changed my name on everything. Mainly because I am so bored of filling out forms and sending off documents! My number one top tip for this would be to book an appointment with your bank in advance. They often require you to come into the branch with all your documents. I work full-time meaning my only time available for the bank is a Saturday morning, and the wait time for one of those? 17 weeks!

Okay, okay there is fun stuff in your first year of marriage – I promise! For example I am now officially Mrs Miller – and that feels so amazing to say out loud. It makes me feel that little bit more connected with Liam, even if it is just a surname. We also went on an amazing honeymoon to Berlin! We are city people and although we wanted to go to New York but our budget simply wouldn’t stretch. Berlin was definitely one of the most amazing cities I have ever been too. We both LOVED every second of it. We had an entire week of stuffing our faces with gorgeous food, drinking German beer and generally spending time loved up in a beautiful city!

first year of marriage - berlin

If I am going to be totally honest with you, not much has changed in our first year of marriage. We are still just as loved up as we were before we became Mr & Mrs, maybe even more. We are moving into a bigger home soon but are still very focused on us as a couple and spending the next couple of years enjoying that time together.

For our first anniversary we are planning on going to Arundel (where we had our wedding ceremony) and spend the day having a nice lunch, walk around the countryside and simply reminisce about our wedding day.

I hope you enjoyed this little catch up from my Sussex Bride blogging – now that I am a Sussex Wife I hope that I can soon pass the baton onto another team member as the new Sussex Bride. You never know!


All our love,

Mr & Mrs Miller xox


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