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NEW: Wedding Milestone Cards – Perfect for Instagram!

Monday, August 7th, 2017

Social media has taken over our lives – and we aren’t ashamed to admit it! So these wedding milestone cards are the PERFECT way to show your Facebook, Twitter and of course Instagram followers what’s happening with your wedding planning! Whether you’re shoppng with your bridesmaids for THE wedding dress or you’ve just booked your fabulous honeymoon… snap a photo with our cards and remember the occasion forever!

wedding milestone cards

Wedding planning is such an exciting time for everyone, all your family and friends will be keen to know what’s happening. Our wedding milestone cards are the perfect way to keep everyone up to date with cute momento pictures! Simply find the correct card from our pack of 13 and then take a beautiful photograph with it to commemorate the occasion! For example snap a selfie with your bridesmaids when you find their dresses or get your partner to take a funny picture on their Stag/Hen Do! Read the rest of this entry »

The Secret to Painless Wedding Day Shoes with Alice Bow

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

Beauty equals pain – that’s what many of us women have been led to believe over the years through wearing high heels, plucking, shaving and of course waxing! However on your wedding day the last thing you want to think about is how painful your shoes are or how much your feet hurt after standing for 5 seconds – so we interviewed Alice Bow at The National Wedding Show about their secret to painless wedding day shoes.

Alice Bow - Wedding Day Shoes

Alice Bow insoles are beautiful leather insoles designed for both high heels and flat shoes in a range of colours. Insoles aimed at comfort have never been known as a fashion accessory – until now. In summer 2015 Vanity Fair sang the praises of Alice Bow Insoles and they then went global overnight, starting a revolution in footwear comfort. Alice Bow insoles are expertly and individually handcrafted in London, using high quality and beautifully coloured Italian leathers that not only look good, but feel great underfoot as you go about your busy life. In addition to bringing a touch of glamour to your feet, the superior quality orthopaedic padding delivers breathable, anti-bacterial and lasting comfort. Read the rest of this entry »