Why You Should Hire A Wedding Day Toastmaster

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During your wedding planning you may have heard the term ‘wedding day toastmaster’ a few times and wandered, what is that and do I need one? Well, we met a wonderful group of toastmasters at the National Wedding Show back in February and decided to investigate for you. So today we have a member from the Guild of International Professional Toastmasters here with us to explain….

GOITM - wedding day toastmaster

What is a toastmaster, or more specifically a wedding day toastmaster?

A toastmaster is somebody who adds a little touch of formality to your wedding day. We help to assist with the smooth running of the day, we take away any pressure from the bride/groom or whoever may be organising it on the day. We liaise with the venue and suppliers and overall make sure that the happy couple are not worried about anything on their special day. Of course we also add touch of elegance and class, our outfits ensure that!

What are the main roles of a wedding day toastmaster?

The main thing is to make sure that the bride and groom are in the right place at the right time as well as all the guests. We make sure that the venue, suppliers and planner are all working as one and that no issues arise during the day. We will also announce the formalities of the day such as when the wedding breakfast is served, the speeches and first dance. We are essentially the cog that turns the big wheel, we oversee everything and create a seamless big day for them.

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Why do you think that brides and grooms should invest in a wedding day toastmaster?

I would say purely based on the fact that it will take away any pressure or worries for them on the wedding day, ensuring they are free to have an amazing and relaxed day. If there are any issues with guests or suppliers we will handle it for them and they don’t have to get involved which I think is often a big worry for couples.

What has been your favourite event to be a toastmaster at?

The best event I have ever attended was a wedding in the middle of nowhere. It was about a mile walk from where all the cars were parked to the very top of this hill. There was one small generator which was powering what I can only describe as a cross between Blackpool illuminations and the West End. They had a mobile bar and everything — it was brilliant. The couple were farmers and the bride had wonderful memories on this particular hill of her Grandfather.

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What is your number one top tip for brides and grooms when wedding planning?

I would say make sure you give yourself plenty of time to plan the wedding and don’t worry about the weather. The weather is the only thing you absolutely cannot control so as long as you’re prepared for anything then you don’t need to worry about it! I would also suggest looking around at different venues and suppliers before jumping into the first one you see, wedding fayres are great for that sort of thing. Oh and of course don’t forget to hire a toastmaster!


So now you know just what those men in red coats can offer, maybe a wedding day toastmaster will help take the stress out of your wedding day!

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