DIY Store

When you're looking for ways to tighten your budget, making your wedding stationery can be a great option to save some money. We have two ways to help facilitate your DIY wedding stationery:

1. Ivy Ellen DIY Stationery Designs

Many of our wedding stationery designs are available as DIY with savings of up to £2.00 per item. We will send you all the components you require including glue, jewels, sticky tape and insert templates so that all you need to do are these 4 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Typeset Your Wording
  • Step 2: Print Your Inserts
  • Step 3: Stick Your Jewels
  • Step 4: Attach Your Inserts

To select the DIY options on our wedding stationery, browse our invitations and select a design, navigate down to the product options on the right hand side and change the DIY dropdown to the option that reads "I would prefer DIY as I want to make this item myself and save...". Underneath this dropdown you will then see your DIY options appear.

The DIY process is available on selected designs using jewels, ribbon and folded inserts, just look for the DIY options on the right hand side of each product.

To see just how easy the DIY process is take a few minutes to watch the tuitorial video of our designer Jo showing you how to stick your jewels and attach your inserts:

2. The Ivy Ellen DIY Store

Do you fancy being more creative and creating your stationery from scratch, or maybe you want to add a twist to an existing design. Either way, we have a wide variety of stationery components and embellishments available in our full range of colours in the categories below.