Wedding Stationery Glossary

Papers our stationery items are made from.

Digital Printing
Digital printing is a modern printing technique that does not involve physical printing plates and is perfect for personalised designs. Many Ivy Ellen wedding stationery items are printed using digital techniques on top quality HP Indigo digital presses costing over £100,000.

Escort Cards
A fun and stress free route to table planning. Rather than have a table plan, all the guest’s find their names on their own personal pocket envelope on a table at the reception entrance. Inside is their table number. This relatively modern table planning system means that if someone can’t make it or wants to move you can just change the table number inside their pocket at the last minute.

Favour Box
Boxes hold the little gifts and keepsakes given to guests at the reception and have become an essential part of beautiful table decoration.

Foiling is a specialised finishing process that uses specially made ¼ inch thick metal die (or printing block) on a hot press to transfer gorgeous foil text onto your wedding stationery, making it unique and totally stunning.

Gatefold Wedding Invitation
A larger style of invitation design in a folder style which includes a pocket for information inserts to be enclosed. Opened in three parts and tied together with a beautiful satin ribbon. Posted in a beautiful envelope - please note this size falls into the large letter postal size.

GSM stands for grams per square meter and is a measure of weight for paper and board. Most greeting cards are 270gsm for example. Ivy Ellen wedding stationery is made using 350gsm board, making our stationery feel luxuriously thick.

Litho Printing
Litho printing (or lithography) is a specialist printing technique that involves a plate pressing oiled colours onto a board to print a design.

Menu Card
Ensure your scrumptious menu is printed on scrumptious stationery! Our folded menu cards list out what the guests can look forward to eating and are the perfect size to share between guests and stand alone on your table.

Order of Service
Details the schedule of your wedding ceremony for your guests to follow during the service.

Order of the Day
Like the order of service, an order of the day card details the
schedule for a day of celebration, and is a more modern yet equally essential item.

Place Card
Small stationery items with your guest’s names on to help them find their place at a table.

Place Setting Menu
An individual menu for each guest that can really add to your table decoration and complete the look for your guest’s dining experience. A nice welcome to each person when they are seated.

RSVP stands for Respondez S’Il Vous Plait which is French for Please Respond. These cards are enclosed with your invitations, along with self addressed envelopes to make sure your guests confirm whether they will be able to make it or not. We recommend setting a deadline for them to respond by.

Shutter Fold Wedding Invitation
A modern style of invitation design opened using two door on the front and tied together using ribbon. Posted in a beautiful envelope.

Table Card
Placed on each table to help your guests locate their table. Traditionally tables are numbered, however you can always add character to your reception by naming your tables after places, people or anything that means a lot to you both. For example, some weddings have tables named after classic movies.

Table Plan
The seating layout plan that greets guests as they enter the reception. Set in a stunning vintage frame, the table plan lists which guests are sat at which table using the stationery designs as a setting.

Thank You Card
Sent out to your guests to thank them for coming and for their presents!

Wedding Invitation Card
A traditional folded card style invitation.

Wedding Invitation Postcard
A modern style of invitation design with double sided printing, and posted in a beautiful envelope.


If you have any questions about any of the terms used on the website please do contact us.